Victoria Winters The Taming of the Pirate Queen
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In 1837, the Governor of the Bahamas believes he has driven the pirates out of his islands until his lovely, 18-year-old daughter Abigail is abducted from his very own backyard. To his despair, a ransom is paid but the pirate captain dies and the girl never returns home. What would the Governor do if he knew his own daughter had joined ranks with her captors and became a pirate queen?

Abigail Bridges would do anything rather than return home and marry the man her parents have chosen. She decides to join forces with the pirates who have captured her and perseveres to become the mighty pirate queen Gabriel St. James.

Spencer Hanover, the man she had been promised to in marriage, is not easily put off and vows to find his missing fiancée. After 10 years at sea, the pirate queen is shocked when her past catches up with her in a most unexpected way.

Is it possible for a pirate queen to rejoin high society as a proper noblewoman? Or will the call of the open seas take her back to a life of pirating? And is she willing to atone for her past lying bare bottomed over her husband's lap for the punishments she deserves?

Victoria Winters

The Taming of the Pirate Queen

Published by: Blushing Press

Copyright 2016 Blushing Books and Victoria Winters
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Number of Chapters: Fourteen - Word Count: 47000




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The story is very well told and with detailed description making the reader feel like a voyeur on this haunting journey of a young woman’s life from innocence to traveling the high seas as a pirate. There is a great cast of characters, unusual circumstances, and yes, non-consensual acts against another during piracy on the high seas.

Lady Abigail Bridges was eighteen-years-old, soon to be returning from the Bahamas to their family home in England, where she was to marry by arrangements to Spencer Hanover, Lord Winningham. She is not necessarily happy about her parent's decision, but what choice does she really have?

Playing hide and seek with her young brother Tommy, she happens upon pirates burying treasure, and she is captured and taken aboard The Queen’s Revenge. She is ravished by the Pirate Captain, and then ransom is made to her family, but she isn’t returned. With the death of the Captain during the paying of the ransom, she gaining the respect of the other pirates, joining them and she is transformed into the feared pirate queen Gabriel St. James.

For ten years, Lord Winningham has searched for his fiancé since her kidnap and capture in 1827. He has not given up hope and has been searching in the Bermuda Triangle area. When the ship, Britannia, that he was aboard was overtaken by pirates, Lord Spencer, along with newlyweds John and Jane, are taken as hostages, hoping to ransom them to their families.

The story is the piracy of the Britannia and the three captives, Spencer, John and Jane, and what all they must endure during their captivity with the crew of The Queen’s Revenge. The story is very descriptive in details and includes non-consensual acts. It includes humiliation, exhibition, sodomy, rape, and pegging. Can a pirate queen be reformed? What will happen to her captives?

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pirate queen

Pirate Queen by Victoria winters
This is a story of a women who refuses to be married to someone she doesn’t even know. When she ends up kidnaped by pirates who were burying treasure she schemes to stay so she can be free. The pirate captain is killed coming for her randsome and she becomes the captain of the ship and the pirate queen. Her fellow pirates care about her and help her. In the mean time her brother who was very you and witness the kidnapping blames himself and her parents are never the same. Her fiancé looks for 10 yrs for her . This story to me is more of a dominex . The queen holds her fiancé hostage and does all kinds of bad things to him until the tables are turned. There is a lot of sex , and a lot of dominex stuff as far as what she does to her captives including unknown to her, her fiancé. In the end she is forced to become a submissive. She destroyed a good share of her family but they welcome her back with open arms. I voluntarily reviewed and advanced reader copy of this book . I found it to be a good read .

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