Carol Storm Burning Triumph: The Charity Chronicles, Book Three
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Charity Hill burns with desire… for discipline and for justice!

Fierce, loyal, and loving, the freckle-faced American redhead has weathered every storm and sore bottom as the lover, plaything, and cherished possession of English billionaire Harry Edgewell. His discipline has molded her from innocent submissive to triumphant avenger!

Along the path of submission, cheerful, fun-loving Charity has made many friends, and a few enemies, too. Now, a beloved mentor is dead under mysterious circumstances and Charity wants justice.

Harry sends his beloved submissive undercover one last time, to seduce friend and foe alike, and to fight her way through days of intrigue and nights of decadent pleasure.  Her mission is to discover the final truth… no matter what the cost in passion and heartbreak.

This is Charity Hill's final chapter as the flame-haired avenger.

Will she succeed in discovering what happened to her mentor?  Will she help capture the guilty party? How will Harry keep her safe in the process?

Burning Triumph is book three of The Charity Chronicles, but can be read alone. This is the concluding volume of Charity's story, where the sweet, submissive redhead completes her transformation to flame-haired avenger! 

Publishers note: This book contains scenes of domestic discipline involving both sexes, as well as brief scenes of F/F sex. Please don't purchase if these elements are not right for you!

Carol Storm

Burning Triumph: The Charity Chronicles, Book Three

Published by: Blushing Press

Copyright 2016 Blushing Books and Carol Storm
3 Reviews

Number of Chapters: Eleven - Word Count: 45400




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The story is the third in this ongoing saga of Charity Hill and the various people surrounding her life in England. Sadly, it begins with the funeral of Sir Humphrey, along with the reading of his will. The story is full of twist and turns, in this game of cat and mouse revolving around Lady Margaret and her nefarious schemes. The three stories really need to be read in order to understand what all is taking place.

Charity has a way of being a pawn in the games being played for many people and finds herself bottom up for correction for so many various reasons and by many different people. Traps are being set, historical novels are part of the clues, and acting skills are critical for setting things to right.

The story will keep you on edge and the pages turning as greed, control, and selfishness plays out. How many people will Lady Margaret destroy?
The story includes female domination, f/f scenes, multiple spankings, and life and death situations. Maybe Charity Hill is finally growing up, but what will the future hold for her and Harry Edgewell?

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Margaret Corcoran

A fine fun read!

I liked this book. It is full of lots of different sex with lots of different people. And Charity really does get lots of disciplinary spankings from lots of people! I did not read the other books in this series but I don't think it mattered. It is easy to read but I found it slightly contrived. It just didn't work for me. It is slightly reminiscent of Fanny Hill. I read an ARC copy of this book. I recommend it.

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Joanie M

An enjoyable, fun conclusion to a wonderful series

This book was an enjoyable conclusion to a great series; I'm sorry to see it end. The main characters were already well developed in the previous books but this story shows growth in both Charity and Harry as well as another side of Edith. The plot was awesome; completely unpredictable with an ever present sense of suspense and adventure. The erotic and discipline scenes were varied and well written. Like the rest of this series, this book is unique and creative making it a joy to read. Although this book can be read as stand alone, I highly recommend reading the whole series in order.

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