Pasha Baker Gladiator: Saxa's Journey, Book Three
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Saxa's former master and lover, the Centurion Gaius, promises to purchase her from her current master as soon as he is able to return to Rome. But misfortune befalls him and his plans are tossed aside while Saxa must learn a new life pleasing Legatus Marsus in his grand house on the outskirts of Rome. Becoming more and more obsessed with his favorite toy, the legatus goes back and forth between threats and punishment, to doing anything she wants in his desire to own the woman's beautiful body and soul. When her former master and lover Gaius finally returns, will she be able to be with him? And how will it affect the rough relationship she already has with her current master? 

This is the third book in the series: Saxa's Journey.

DISCLAIMER: This is a newly edited and greatly revised version of a book previously released under the title Saxa. It contains the spanking of adult women, power exchange, and explicit sexual scenarios. If any of these offend you, please do not purchase.

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Pasha Baker

Gladiator: Saxa's Journey, Book Three

Published by: Blushing Press

Copyright Blushing Books and Pasha Baker
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Number of Chapters: Eighteen - Word Count: 45000



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The Saxa’s Journey books are an ongoing saga. Saxa was a Priestess whose homeland was ravished and conquered by the Roman army, and Saxa was stolen away and claimed by Centurion Gaius. She had been his pleasure slave until he was sent into another battle and left behind and then her very life threatened and she escaped death only to be captured and made into a pleasure slave by Legatus Marsus.

Gaius is to inherit his father’s lands and return to Rome, but he is betrayed, labeled a traitor, stripped of his title, inheritance, and sold into slavery as a Gladiator where he is forced to fight to the death in the Coliseum against both man and wild beast. He is dubbed Wolf King in the various battles and his skills on the battlefield has helped keep him alive in the arena. The cost is heavy on his body and soul.

Legatus Marsus is returning to his home just outside of Rome, where he has been away in battles for eight years. He brings with him a group of slaves and has them assigned to various duties. Saxa will remain his pleasure slave, but not one he is willing to share. When his estranged children come for a visit, there will be surprises in store at the last minute.

The story is full of twists and turns, and Saxa is still the little rabbit caught in the middle. Her first master, Gaius, is still her true love who wants to marry her. Her present master Legatus is a jealous and possessive man who guards what belongs to him. How far will her master go to please her? The story is not over, and there will be more to come. The scenes are explicit, full of power play, master/slave relationship, sadomasochism, dubious consent, and some gory details of the battle scenes.

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A reader:

The journey continues

The continuing saga of Saxa and her lover Marcus. I struggled a bit with this book as I expected it to be the final book in the series (third books often are). However, this book does not feel like it's the conclusion. There's still more to be told as Marcus falls in society and Saxa rises (I won't say more as that's technically a spoiler). There's lots of hot sex and the dubious consent continues just like in the first two books. Additionally, I don't recommend starting with this book as there are numerous comments that don't make sense unless you've read the first two in the series (Centurion - first, and Legatus - second). Also, just like the first two books, this book doesn't have a cliffhanger but clearly comes to an ending.

I voluntarily read an advance reader copy of this book.

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Joanie M

Another chapter in the highly erotic saga of a pleasure slave

This book finds Saxa serving Marsus in Rome as she continues to be his pleasure slave. Her heart belongs to Gaius, however, and she seeks him out at the first opportunity. I pitied Gaius, who was forced into the harsh life of a gladiator. The book is loaded with sex, both public and private, and the erotic scenes are well written. Besides that, the underlying theme was suspense, always wondering if Saxa was going to get caught. Quite a lot happens in the plot and new characters are introduced. Much like the second in the series, the book just ended without a conclusion and we're left to wait for book 4 to find out what happens.

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