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Mindy Sweet is at the top of her game in barrel racing when a terrible accident steals both her leg and her beloved horse. She rises from tragedy, finishes college and starts a therapeutic horseback riding program, dedicating her life to both children and families facing challenges. Yet, she’s never quite faced all of the emotional scars she’s carried around for years. She’s buried them deep so she can get on with her life.

Nicholas De Luca is a driven man who’s made a billion dollars in his retail empire. When an old fling reappears and leaves a four year old boy at his door, a son he never knew about, he’s at a loss for what to do. For a year his shy, sensitive son, Jason, hasn’t spoken or smiled, and he fears Jason’s maternal grandparents will get custody of the boy he loves with all his heart. When he hears of Mindy’s riding program he enrolls his son in it, hoping it’ll help Jason. She’s his last hope of forging a connection with Jason.

Nicholas and Mindy aren’t prepared for the chemistry that fires between them. As they work to help Jason break out of his shell, they also find it brings out old wounds that Mindy has suppressed since her accident. Can she overcome her guilt and grief, or will it drive a wedge between Mindy and Nicholas forever?

Publishers note: This book contains elements of spanking of adult women and sexual scenes.  If any of these themes offend you, please do not purchase.

Olivia Starke

Mindy's Healing

Published by: Blushing Press

Copyright 2016 Blushing Books and Olivia Starke
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Number of Chapters: Twelve - Word Count: 41000




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Margaret Corcoran

A very sweet story!

I liked this story very much. The characters are well written and very human. The scenes are hot and the spankings real and painful. I liked that Nicholas and Mindy spark off eachother. I enjoyed their interactions and liked that it finished with no loose ends. I received an ARC copy of this book.

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Hope W

Healing takes three! Amazing story!!!

This author wrote an amazing story about a couple dealing with real life problems. Once I started reading this book, I did not want to put it down. The main characters are both strong in their own ways but together seem to complete each other. Mindy was a barrel racer who had an accident and lost not only her prize stallion Remington, but also her leg. Now she has put her life back together and runs a non profit "Striding for Kids." She uses her skills in psychology and equine therapy to help many kids who are dealing with physical, psychological, neurological, or behavioral problems and need someone who cares and believes in them.
Nicholas DeLucca runs a large business and has found out that he is a father but didn't know for a few years. His son, Jason, was left abandoned by his mother. Nicholas is fighting Jason's grandparents for custody and trying to get Jason to communicate as he has stopped talking. When Jason joins "Striding For Kids" he makes a connection with a horse named Roger, while Nicholas makes a connection to Mindy. These two wonderful people know what is important and work together to help Jason while falling in love as their chemistry sparks and the flame burns strong.
I highly recommend reading this can't miss book. It includes a great storyline, strong characters, real life problems, raw emotions, lust, spankings, hot sex, and deep love. I can't express what a wonderful domestic discipline love story this book is. Come read and enjoy! I voluntarily reviewed an advanced reader copy of this book.

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The story is one of remembrance, healing, helping, nurturing, new beginnings and moving forward. Mindy Sweet runs a business called Striding For Kids, where she uses her dual degrees in Child Psychology and Special Education running a nationally recognized program. “Her pasture of horses somewhat resembled the Isle of Misfit Toys, being mostly rescued, retired, and “useless” equines, but the children related to them.”

Nicholas De Luca runs a retail empire worth billions. He didn’t even know he was a father until Jason’s mother just showed up on his doorstep and dropped off his son. Now he is seeking help for a child who has basically shut down, and he is hoping Mindy’s Striding For Kids program will be a positive step for Jason. What Nicholas wasn’t counting on was the instant attraction to Mindy.

Mindy Sweet was at the top of the barrel racing competition when an accident steals the love of her life, her horse Remington, and her leg. She may have recovered, but her soul is still haunted by the loss of her beloved horse. Working with her hodge-podge of horses and her dual degrees, she is able to help children with various disabilities and trauma. But since her accident, she hasn’t ridden a horse again.

The plot has three people healing, Jason, Nicolas, and Mindy. Money, fame, and awards only take you so far, but love and trust will move mountains. Will Mindy learn to trust herself on a horse again? “Your students trust you to teach them to stay on, so I think you should trust you to stay on.” The chemistry between Nicolas and Mindy comes alive on the pages and in their relationship. He does see a girl with a missing leg; he sees a loving and passionate women who comes alive in his arms and with her submission to his dominance.

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the life she was meant to have

I voluntarily reviewed an advance reader copy of this book. Nicholas's son needs help and Mindy's horses have helped children before and hopefully will help his child. His fight for his child and Mindy's struggle to leave her past behind heighten the tension in this story. Spanking, light BDSM and an HEA.

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