Anya Summers Her Wired Dom: The Dungeon Fantasy Club, Book Eight
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Will Evans is the CEO of a new virtual gaming company that is changing the tech world. He's an avid gamer and a complete nerd, spending more time playing the latest hot game than doing anything else. He's also a closet Dominant. As confident as he is in the boardroom, he's been unwilling to unleash his primitive alpha side on a woman, afraid that his six foot six frame and muscle man strength could do irreparable damage to his partner. But then he meets the world famous ballerina Katarina Roberts at his best friend's wedding. Her diminutive, slender form and willowy grace bring out an uncontrollable urge in Will to both master and protect her – but a dark secret from his past makes him reluctant to give in to that urge. 

For her part, Katarina has achieved greatness through the strictest self-control and discipline. She has never allowed a man to rule her or her life in any way. As a submissive, she has had lovers in the BDSM lifestyle, but never found one she wanted to keep or was willing to submit her heart to. She preferred it that way, as it left her free to pursue her career as a prima ballerina. Now, after years of touring, wowing crowds around the world, she is ready for some heavy duty rest and relaxation.

When Kat attends her oldest friend's wedding in Scotland on New Year's Eve and meets Will, who is her every fantasy brought to life, she feels as though she has finally met a man worthy of submitting herself to body and soul. Can she convince Will to be the Dom of her dreams, even disciplining her when she's been an insubordinate little submissive, or will he treat her like precious glass and walk away?

Publisher's Note: Her Wired Dom is the eighth book in the bestselling Dungeon Fantasy Club series and, like the others, can be read as a standalone. It contains explicit sexual scenes and BDSM themes, including whipping.

Anya Summers

Her Wired Dom: The Dungeon Fantasy Club, Book Eight

Published by: Blushing Press

Copyright 2016 Blushing Books and Anya Summers
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Number of Chapters: Fourteen - Word Count: 51400




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I have read each of the eight Dungeon Fantasy Club books in the order they were written and have loved the journey that all started by a wrong turn for Zoey that brought her to Declan and then through friends, family, and acquaintances that lead to their wedding. Watching various people meet and become couples. It has been a joyous and enlightening journey that brings to light so many emotions involved in relationships, new beginnings, and with this book, that safe, sane and consensual isn’t just for the submissive but applies equally to the dominant. I have enjoyed this series and looking forward to the spin-off that will be coming out in 2017. Ms. Summers has a way of spinning a tale, and with her details and character development, allow us, the reader, to be a voyeur into these erotic adventures.

Guest for the wedding of Zoey and Declan bring together at the airport, Will Evans, CEO of a gaming company from California. He has been friends with Zoey and her sister Ophelia since childhood. Katarina Roberts, aka Kat, is a world famous ballerina and a childhood friend of Declan. They are being chauffeured from the airport to Mullardoch Manor at the same time, and both feel an instant chemistry. What appears could be a chance to get together, seems to have hit a brick wall before an opportunity to explore where it might lead them. “Kat was all about baiting the tiger and yanking on its damn tail.”

Will is a dominant who has refused to continue the lifestyle because of demons that have haunted him for more than a decade. He is a large man, 6’ 6” and is solid. Kat is known as Kitty cat in play and is looking to scene and just enjoy herself away from touring. The chemistry is still alive in California but their time together is an on again off again situation. When they are together, sexually they rock each other’s world, but Will’s demon’s hold him back, and he refuses to give Kat what she desires. She wants, needs, craves for the release she can get from a punishment scene, and Will won’t participate. Will these two be able to find a happy middle ground or will their relationship end before it has a chance to start? “Was she being selfish and not considering what it was he needed? Could she submit to him without her needs met? “Loving someone wasn’t always about getting everything you wanted, but about compromising together to make it work.”

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Excellent #8 in the series!!

Oh how thankful I am that Zoey took a wrong turn in Scotland and found Declan!!! That was the first book in this series and I have read and loved every one!! This one tells yet another twisting and turning tale with a new set of troubles for our lead characters to find their way through! Kat and Will have a very difficult road ahead of them if Will can't conquer his fears of hurting someone while sceneing with them. Their struggle is a very real one that kept me on the edge of my seat. Another win for Anya Summers!

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A reader:

Another Hit!

Another hit for Anya Summers! I have loved every book in this series! This one proves that love that is meant to be will find a way! I voluntarily reviewed an advanced reader copy of this book.

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A reader:

A fantastic addition to the series.


Anya Summers is fast becoming one of my favorite authors.
She has a wonderful way of writing plots and characters that are so realistic you want to become part of the group of friends. While I'd encourage everyone to read all the books in the series as all the books are wonderful in their own way, this book can be read as a stand alone book.

I voluntarily reviewed an Advance Reader Copy of this book.

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