Jessica Brand Serving Her Scientist
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Paul and Donna are happily married. Maybe their marriage isn't the hot, pulsing sex romp it was when they first said their I dos on the beach so long ago, but it's safe, dependable. Boring. Donna, ever the bookish librarian, spends much of her spare time playing computer puzzle and word games on the internet. Paul's work as a rocket scientist in the military weapons industry requires that his computer remain safe and virus free. State secrets are at stake. That's why his lovely but sometimes naughty wife is forbidden from playing her games on it.

Ignoring his instructions once too often, the inevitable happens and she infects his computer with a virus. Realizing the depth of her mistake, she is willing to do almost anything to atone for her sins and accepts that she will receive an old fashioned spanking as punishment. Much to her surprise, despite the pain, she finds the whole ritual exciting, awakening feelings that have lain dormant for years, and arousing her to such a point that she craves more. She confides in her best friend, Peta, and is shocked by Peta's in depth understanding of the benefits of erotic pain and punishment. Peta consults with Paul and then puts into motion a chain of events destined to change forever the tenor of Paul and Donna's lives.

DISCLAIMER: This story contains the spanking of adults, elements of bondage, discipline and power exchange. If these activities are not to your taste, you are advised not to buy this book.

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Jessica Brand

Serving Her Scientist

Published by: Blushing Press

Copyright 2016 Blushing Books and Jessica Brand
12 Reviews

Number of Chapters: Twenty-four - Word Count: 54500



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A reader:

A New Adventure in Marriage

book told the story of Paul and Donna's marriage. After things start to get boring, they are introduced to ways to get this exciting again. First with the help of Donna's best friend, then a professional. The scenes in this book were very graphic and detailed. I voluntarily reviewed an ARC copy of this book.

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Susan Kirkland

Serving Her Scientist

After 4 years of marriage their sex life is bland. It has lost that fun and edge they use to enjoy. Paul is a rocket scientist and Donna is a librarian. She has been told time and time again not to play her games on his home computer, but when she downloads a virus and he brings it to work she is in deep trouble. He spanks her and then apologizes, but she deserved that and more. Her best friend, Peta, knows all that is going on and has a private chat with Paul and everything changes. Peta sends Madame Renee to help them sort their love life out and the spankings and D/S that takes place is fun. If you are not into this then this is not the book for you.

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A reader:

Awesome adventure

This is quite the wild story, a real hoot for anyone who enjoys a good BDSM book, although the S&M is rather mild: strap, cane, clamps. What I chiefly enjoyed about it was the variety: M/F, F/F with multiple players, and even a little F/M. So, definitely something for everyone. Then there's the story: Donna and Paul, happily married, but bored in the bedroom, gradually discover their domestic discipline and dom/sub relationship. And is it ever hot! I also love the added touch of Paul being a rocket scientist, literally, and the comedy of errors it causes. I don't want to give away too much, but when Helga, the sub to Mistress Renee, enters the story, you'll be racing through the pages to see how things turn out. Right down the line, a truly excellent book. I voluntarily reviewed an advanced reader copy of this book.

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Her hot scientist

Paul and Donna is a happily married couple. She is a librarian an he is her hot scientist. As with every couple their sex life becomes rather boring after a while. Donna likes playing computer games and have been warned not to use Paul's computer more than once. When his computer attracts a virus because of her disobeying him by playing on his computer the fun begins. He is so upset that he spanks her which turned her on more than she can believe and it re-ignites the flame in their sex life. With the help of a friend they start a whole new adventure. A real good BDSM novel.

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