Measha Stone Liberated Heart: Windy City, Book Four
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Erin Stamper—solid, dependable, vanilla—is living the dream: devoted fiancé, house in the 'burbs, friends she trusts with her life. That is until the day her fiancé comes home with the shocking news that he's in love with another woman. Erin's whole life collapses, but just when she is about to be crushed under the weight of all that pain, she discovers even more shocking news. This time, she learns that someone she has known, one of those trusted friends, owns a BDSM club. Suddenly, dependable, solid, practical Erin makes the decision to stop hiding in her safe suburban home and explore this new world. Consequences be damned. 

Dominant Bradley Sorenson opens the door to this new world and escorts her inside, promising to show her everything she wants to see, and more. But just as she begins to find contentment in her true self, she receives a letter that starts a chain of blackmail that could ultimately end her new relationship. Between the blackmail and her new self-awareness, Erin must fight the urge to creep back into the cage she's so used to hiding in, and work to liberate her heart.

Publisher's note: This story contains explicit sexual themes, including strict corporal punishment and breath play. If such material is likely to offend, please do not purchase.

Measha Stone

Liberated Heart: Windy City, Book Four

Published by: Blushing Press

Copyright Blushing Books and Measha Stone
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Number of Chapters: Thirty-five - Word Count: 90000




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Book four of the Windy City series can read as a standalone, and works even better with the first three. The saga revolves around a group of friends from college that have remained friends and get together for Friday night dinners. Something is seriously off with Erin, their meek, quiet friend who keeps canceling their weekly dinner with one excuse after another. Erin is engaged to Jonathan, and he really isn’t the group's favorite person, but they accept him for Erin. The fourth book will focus on Erin and the unexpected changes in her life.

What a shock for Erin to learn that Jonathan is moving on, not just leaving her, but has been with someone else for six months behind her back. They bought a house in the suburbs because that was what he wanted, and now he has left her. But finding the emails on his computer and how he mocks her and calls her a freak is just cruel. This opens the door for Erin to Google and research more and boy does she find out that spanking, bondage, BDSM, etc. is not uncommon. She even discovers that Alex has a BDSM club called Top Floor, and does more research on it.

Dominant Bradley Sorenson is shocked when he meets Erin, who comes to Top Floor seeking Alex. It is assumed that she is an ex-girlfriend and he plans on helping get rid of her. But this girl who is dressed like a Kindergarten teacher shocked him with her questions and wanted to learn more. Inviting her to place herself on the auction block for charity and her showing, he is willing to see where this will go. Erin may be a total newbie, but she has a spark to her, and this will be a journey for both of them. “No one could submit themselves onto another person’s will and be weak. It took strength. And a hell of a lot of trust.”

The story is a journey into submission, but it starts with something deep down inside, a calling, a need, a desire. With a seven year relationship that ends, Erin will enter a growing, learning, exploring and fulfilling phase in her life. Bradley doesn’t think he will ever settle down with a woman, for most of them, it’s all play and fizzles out shortly. With Erin, he decides to ‘let the dice roll and see how things play out.’ The club is undergoing some issues with two silent partners who seem to think it is just a place to play, spend money and Alex and Bradley discover the abuse and make a deal to get John and Travis out, or turn them over to the authorities. Who is sending threatening letters to Erin with pictures trying to blackmail her? When she is kidnapped, roughed up, and nearly killed, that would cause anyone to have trauma, but why does she pull away and distance herself from Bradley? Did he push her too far with his very strict punishments? All her friends think she is a delicate flower that will break, but he sees the strong woman she really is, can he break through the fog she is in and bring her back?

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5.0 out of 5 stars Outstanding Read, October 23, 2016
By Donna L
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This review is from: Liberated Heart (Windy City Book 4) (Kindle Edition)
Erin Stamper is a shattered soul.Her Fiancé,the man she is planning to spend her life with leaves her for another woman.She retreats into herself,there are mementos of Jonathan everywhere.
Erin finds many disparaging emails about herself on Jonathan's laptop.Erin has a submissive side not yet explored.She comes to realize that her relationship with Jonathan would have never fulfilled her needs.
Erin overcomes her fears and approaches one of her friends who is a part owner in. BDSM club.Here she meets Bradley Sorenson,also a part owner and a Dominant.
He encourages Erin to participate in a slave auction being held at the club.
Bradley is immediately attracted to Erin and buys her initially for the night .
Brad is not ready to let her go and convinces Erin to stay with him .
He is not a easy Dom and Erin pays the price for her mistakes in painful ways
Everything is going well until a threat from an unknown source makes Erin retreat again.
''This book has substance and is well crafted.
Erin's character was brave but still vulnerable.
There was action,danger and graphic sex scenes.
The secondary characters play an important part in this book .
I loved how this book kept me guessing and eager to turn each page.It exceeded all my expectations .
The discipline was severe at times .
I have not as yet read any of the previous books in this series but I plan on fixing that soon.
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Good bedtime reading

Liberated Heart (Windy City Book 4)

What do you do when your fiancé leaves you for another woman 'cos he finds you too needy? Erin is trying to come to terms with the abrupt turnaround in her life. Searching for one of her best friends at a BDSM club she didn't know he owned brings her into contact with one of the other bosses, a very Dominant and strict Bradley Sorenson. He appeals to her on a whole new different level of submission that she never knew she would revel in. From the pain and pleasure of erotic punishments to training of what it means to adapt to the life of a true submissive where to please your Dominant is to give pleasure in the relationship. But the greed and jealousies of other entities bring an aura of danger to both Bradley and Erin.

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A reader:

Learning to Believe

The fourth book in the Windy City Series is another great story. Erin has a lot of problems; Bradley has a lot of experience as a Dominant. When they get together she learns how much she enjoys the lifestyle, but has tremendous problems with confidence. He finds that although he has never wanted a woman to stay with him, Erin is different and he realizes he wants her around always. There are, as always, a lot of complications and some villains who create problems – but in the end they both end up with each other and in love. Along the way, the scenes of spanking and sex are handled in a very nice way and the presence of characters from previous stories in the series is helpful. Nevertheless, it can be read as a stand-alone as the story is independent of the ones that preceded it.

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