Anya Summers Submit to Me: The Dungeon Fantasy Club, Book Seven
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Veronica McGinnis is a single mom, more concerned with her son's homework than dating. She lives quietly on the Scottish coast, writing articles for the local newspaper and raising her child. When her cousin Declan asks her to attend his huge wedding, she doesn't hesitate to accept the invitation. Veronica needs to escape her humdrum existence, if only for a while. She loves being a mother, but most days, it feels as though that's all she is. As a submissive member of The Dungeon Fantasy Club, she's been feeling achy and needy and downright ready to jump the mailman's bones – which, in her small town, is the epitome of desperation.

Hunter Clarke is a famous Hollywood movie star, appearing in several of the latest blockbuster films. His name and face, as well as his potential love interests, are constantly splashed across the news, right alongside politics and the latest baseball stats. One of the founding Dom members of The Dungeon Fantasy Club, he walks a tightrope, with salacious reporters just waiting to uncover the tawdry side of his life in return for a huge payday.

Hunter has to make amends with Zoey, his best friend's fiancée, especially if he wants to remain a member of the club, so it's with his hat in his hands that he accepts Declan's invitation to be one of the ushers at what promises to be the wedding of the century. Hunter couldn't be more shocked when he enters Mullardoch Manor only to discover that one of the other guests is none other than Veronica, the first love of his life, and the woman who broke his heart.

When Hunter discovers that Veronica is a submissive club member, he tempts her into a private scene. Her sweet cries as she submits to his fervent demands make him wonder how he could ever have convinced himself that he could live without her.

Veronica's only thought, however, is how much she needs to keep the secret she's kept hidden for ten years. When the truth is revealed, she moves heaven and earth to shield the most precious person in her life from the fallout – even if it means leaving the one Dom she knows she could give her whole heart to.

Will Hunter be able to convince Veronica to submit to him for more than just one night?  

Publisher's Note: This book contains explicit sexual scenes including anal, as well as bondage and spanking. Though it is part of a series, it can, like the others, be read and enjoyed as a standalone.

Anya Summers

Submit to Me: The Dungeon Fantasy Club, Book Seven

Published by: Blushing Books Publications

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Number of Chapters: Fourteen - Word Count: 49600




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Veronica McGinnis is a cousin to Declan and has come to Mullardoch Manor to attend the wedding of him and Zoey. Being a single mother to almost nine-year-old Colin, working for a paper, and also in her parent’s pub, she has no love life. As a submissive, she is looking forward to being able to spend time at DFC and just let go and enjoy for a few days before going back home to her everyday life.

Hunter Clarke is a friend of Declan’s, one of the silent partners in DFC, and part of the wedding party. Hunter and Zoey had a misunderstanding, things were said, and now he has to apologize and seek forgiveness from her and smooth things over with Declan. He is looking forward to the time away from his Hollywood lifestyle, and being able to play at DFC. It will be nice not to be in the limelight and just to let loose and enjoy dominating subs during his stay.

What a shock to learn that Veronica and Declan are cousins. He hasn’t seen her in ten years, not since he was in Scotland filming. For each of them, they had strong feelings, but when he went away for his work in Hollywood, and she was left behind with a broken heart and a surprise she never tells him about. When they meet downstairs at DFC, their first encounter is not pleasant. Just wait, when these two decided to get together and play nice, it is an erotic dance full of intense passion and desire. They can’t get enough of each other until an unexpected bombshell is dropped. She will run, he will follow, but what will happen after that?

The story is full of secrets, twists and turns, passion, desire, and fear. Can Veronica have a few days of passion with the one man she has been in love with for years and then walk away again? What will happen if he learns she has been keeping something from him that he should have been told about years ago? Sometimes you can’t undo what has happened, but you can make changes and start a whole new future with a happily ever after ending. There is too much at stake not to.

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Amazing BDSM Story!

What a great and sexy BDSM story! I found Hunter and Veronica to be a couple that brings lots of passion and mistakes to their relationship. The author shows that both of them have flaws that have influenced their relationship through the years but you just know if they are able to overcome them they will be a strong and loving couple. I found myself pulling for them both as individuals and as a couple! There were many wonderfully written BDSM scenes that I found myself drawn into. How can I not love a book that has a wonderful character like Colin. Please note: I received a copy of this book from the publisher in exchange for this my honest review.

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Eva Wade

Great Read

Well we meet the dungeon Fantasy Club crew in scotland again. this time its Declan's cousin Veronica and his friend Hunter who are there for his big day. they didn't come together but it turns out they knew each other and there's some steamy history.What will happen when they see each other and what will what will happen when hunter discovers Veronica has been keeping a secret from him. I wont give away nothing else you should definatly read this story it doesn't have a cliff and has a HEA. i love this author and these stories i can't wait for more.

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A reader:

Wonderful second chance at live, secret baby story

This is book 7 in the wonderful Dungeon Fantasy Club series. I enjoy series like this where each book can be read as a stand -alone, however the characters from the previous books enhance the tapestry of the story.
Once lovers, Veronica and Hunter are unexpectedly reunited 10 years later at a wedding.
Time has changed them in many ways but as they spend time together one thing becomes evident , the love they once shared. The story pulls the reader in, will the secret Veronica had kept all these years finally kill that love or bring them closer together?

I voluntarily reviewed an Advance Reader Copy of this book

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