Patricia Green The Doctor's Daughter: A Virtue, Arizona Novel
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Verity tends to tell tall tales, despite her name. Everyone knows she's prone to exaggeration, and no one seems to mind. No one except the mysterious man who winds up wounded and in need of a doctor's care. 

Verity doesn't know much about the mysterious patient. The newly dubbed "Mr. Smith" has lost his memory, and is of no help in filling in the blanks about his real name or his past that yawn like a bottomless canyon. While he waits for anything that sounds familiar or sparks a memory, he finds Verity's family to be gracious and supportive. He also finds that he's more than willing to administer a spanking when Verity tells one of her outrageous stories or makes mischief. 

The hot sex between them heats up their time together, but can Verity accept that she's in love with a possibly married man, a possible outlaw, a possible reprobate? The truth will emerge, but the doctor's daughter might be the last one to find out. 

DISCLAIMER:  This book contains the spanking of adult women and explicitly described sexual scenes. If any of these offend you, please do not purchase.

Patricia Green

The Doctor's Daughter: A Virtue, Arizona Novel

Published by: Blushing Books Publications

Copyright Blushing Books and Patricia Green
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Could she risk falling for a man with no past?

Number of Chapters: Nineteen - Word Count: 57000




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When a couple of the townsmen bring in an unconscious, injured man into the doctor’s office, Verity, daughter to Dr. Bucknell must tend to him since the doctor was away on another call. Verity had been in medical school in Boston when their mother died and was summons back home to Virtue, Arizona to help take care of her siblings. Why was this man found outside of town, with a knot on the back of his head, an injured leg, and stripped of his clothing? When he finally regains consciousness, he has no memory, doesn’t know his name, where he is from, anything.

The story is full of mystery, suspense, confusion, doubts, and unanswered questions. Is the man that Verity dubbed Mr. Smith, a victim, or possibly even an outlaw? The more time Verity and he are together, the more they start developing feelings. Verity has this uncanny knack for stretching the truth, and she will be caught in more than one lie. Sparks will fly, and passion will ignite, and these two will become lovers quickly. Those lies will be called out, and she will find herself spanked each time. Has Verity finally found a man who can dominate her and keep her in line?

Not everyone is happy to have Mr. Smith around, and trouble will be brewing, with nefarious intent to get rid of him. Will his memory return before it is too late? The story is a fast-paced; action packed, erotic tale that takes the reader on a journey of love and passion while solving a mystery of amnesia, a heinous crime, and a chance at happiness. I do hope that we will see more of the Bucknell daughters in future stories.

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A reader:

A fun suspenseful sexy read

What a thoroughly enjoyable story. The author moved away from the norm and introduced fun and suspense into the plot. Verity is unmarried and feels as if she is on the shelf. Along comes this unconscious, severely injured patient who 'arrives on her doorstep' for her to care for. When the man awakens he has complete amnesia. So starts his recovery. Verity unlike her name loves to tell lies and she earns one spanking after another from this mysterious sexy man for telling lies. i shall simply refer to him as mystery stud. Sex with stud is hot from the beginning. The characters are well developed. The author keeps you in suspense as to stud's true identity most of the book and even once his identity is revealed the suspense continues. It is a thoroughly enjoyable read and my of my the things Verity gets up to. I am sure she does these things just to get punished. And the sex afterwards....oh so worth it.

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Margaret Corcoran

A great story of many elements

I voluntarily reviewed an Advanced Reader Copy of this book. It has lots of different and varied elements. Poor Verity thinks that life has left her behind. Mr Smith doesn't know who he is. But he spanks. There is a hot spark between them. All the characters are well written. This is a real saga with all of the interconnected parts. I hope this is only the first in a series! Hint! Hint! I highly recommend it.

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Great Book!

I loved this book! Verity and "Mr. Smith" have a wonderful story! Mr. Smith has been beat up, robbed and left for dead. He has no memory of who he is or what he does. Verity is the town doctor's daughter and just a few months from being a doctor herself. She is the one that cares for him. Their romance blooms, even though neither one knows whether he is married or not. This story is one big mystery of finding out his identity. I started this book and could not put it down and it has a great length! This story had spankings, hot sex, a jealous sheriff, and a great ending! Verity had four sisters, so we possibly could see a series from this...would love it! 5 big stars

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