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The Man She Needed by Ruth Staunton

Norah Waldon comes to Corbin's Bend to start over after her husband is killed in a freak accident. She’s determined to fulfill her dream of owning her own bookstore, and for the first time in her life wants to live somewhere where she can be herself as she's been hiding her desire for a DD relationship for far too long. 

Caine Landry is the carpenter working on her bookstore. He brings out things in her she hasn't felt in years. There's just one problem. He doesn't live in Corbin's Bend and has no interest whatsoever in anything involving spanking. 

Will Caine somehow find a way to become the man she needs? 

Delivered to Love by Thianna D. & Jamie Ray

Danny Lawrence used to have a great life, until his parents found him making out with a guy. Now, he’s living in his car while working the same delivery job he’s had since college. A small accident lands him at the Medical Center where he meets Phillip. 

Phillip Scott, the new administrator, has an instant attraction to Danny. He opens his home to Danny, when he needs a place to convalesce. 

Will their choices solidify their relationship, or destroy what they’ve built? 

Deceptive Practices by Tabitha Marks

Despite being a successful doctor, Nancy longs to give up control to her husband and have him spank her when she needs it. Unfortunately, Sebastian doesn’t understand her desires, instead believing an equal partnership is the only path to a successful marriage.

He eventually agrees to give Nancy the occasional spanking, but she wants more, and ends up tricking her husband into moving to the spanking community of Corbin’s Bend. Will this couple find their balance and embrace their new lives in Corbin’s Bend?

A Holiday Ruse by Rayanna Jamison

Cecily has been telling little white lies for years, both to her husband Carlton, and her mother Venia. With her husband on another continent, and her mother across the country in Corbin’s Bend, what could the harm be? Until they decide to visit her mom for the holidays.

Carlton doesn’t tolerate lying—and he refuses to stretch the truth to accommodate the lies she has already told. Since Venia thinks they already live a domestic discipline relationship, Carlton comes up with a solution. When in Corbin’s Bend, do as they do.

Will Cecily’s web of lies lead her to everything she has ever wanted?

Vintage Values by Maggie Ryan

Quincy Lauder runs into a stranger who affects her like no man has since her husband died. So far from home, she tries not to think too much about him, until she runs into him again. 

Henry Hopkins is intrigued by the woman he's now met twice. When he walks into a backyard barbeque at his new community and meets her yet again, he feels like he’s won the lottery... especially when her behavior wins her a trip over his knee. 

More than sparks fly between them until one question remains. Will the resident matchmaker make her own match? 

Her Cowboy by Kate Richards

Felicity Franceaux's new position as head of the Corbin's Bend emergency room meets all her expectations. But losing her late husband left her so heartbroken, she's afraid to try again. 

John Estrada, former ranch foreman now successful novelist, also likes what Corbin's Bend has to offer. He'd like to get to know Felicity better… if only they could find a way to connect. 

Fire in the Rockies by Holla Dean

Kelly Carmichael is a confident, capable woman, but desires to be dominated in the bedroom. She moves to Corbin’s Bend to be close to family and to work at the Medical Center. 

RJ wants nothing more than to find a woman he can take care of and develop a solid domestic discipline relationship with. Kelly catches his interest, but he can’t tell if she is truly willing to submit to him.

When a forest fire cuts them off from all help, it’s them against nature. Will they survive, or will their relationship turn to ash?


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Corbin's Bend: Season Four, Complete Collection

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