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Thomas Montgomery seeks out troubled ladies that are in need of a strict and proper upbringing, encouraging them to join Alton Reform. Discovering Elizabeth Grey alone by the tavern at night, he insists he accompany her on the journey home to ensure she makes her return safely. It is her sharp tongue and fiery defiance that makes him desire her as his little Lizzie. 

Without reservation, he suggests to her father that Elizabeth be sent away to Alton Reform, a school known for its strict disciplinary measures to create fine young ladies capable of obeying their husbands. Ladies that without such correction would wind up in an asylum for their tenacious and troublesome ways.

Unwed and with no prospects of marriage, Elizabeth is forced by her father to attend Alton Reform and be trained by her governess under the headmaster’s guidance. 

Elizabeth does not take well to Alton Reform’s ways of discipline. Unpleased after a stern spanking to her bare bottom, Elizabeth runs away, only to be caught by Mr. Thomas Montgomery. 

Will he force her to return to Alton Reform? Can Thomas show Elizabeth that love can be gained from discipline? How will she feel when he confesses his desire to make her his little Lizzie? 

*Little Lizzie’s Reform features elements of age play, anal play, discipline, and graphic sex.

Allison West

Little Lizzie's Reform

Published by: Blushing Books Publications

Copyright Blushing Books and Allison West
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Number of Chapters: Thirty - Word Count: 47300




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A reader:

Twists and turns, very enjoyable.

I thoroughly enjoyed this story about a girl, Elizabeth Grey, who keeps sneaking out at night with her friend Isabel to go out dancing. Elizabeth finally gets caught by Thomas Montgomery, who sees her out by herself one night.
Ms West does a great job keeping my interest through out the story with Elizabeth's plots and the twists and turns they cause.
Anyone that enjoys age play stories will love this book.
Note: I received a copy of this book for my honest review.

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Joanie M

Very entertaining...highly recommended

I enjoyed this book about a rebellious young woman and the man determined to protect her from herself. Thomas convinced Elizabeth's father to send her to a reform school, but she ran away almost as soon as she got there. Already smitten with her, Thomas decided he needed to take Elizabeth in hand himself and turn her into little Lizzie. I loved the conflict this created in Elizabeth; she didn't want adult responsibilities to begin with but being treated like a child didn't sit well with her either. Thomas was a very realistic character; he truly cared for Lizzie and tried to do right by her but he made mistakes and wasn't always 100% sure that his decisions were in Lizzie's best interest. The plot moved along quickly and was very entertaining. The age play wasn't overdone but was a prominent part of the story and Elizabeth earned lots of discipline. I highly recommend this book.

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Thomas Montgomery seeks out young women that are on a path of destruction, convinces their parents that it would be best if they were sent to Alton Reform and schooled in better behavior. He is paid a commission on each young lady he can enroll at Alton. Elizabeth Grey is on a slippery slope, sneaking out at night, going to taverns alone and then back home. At twenty-four, she doesn’t want to marry, like her friend Isabel had been forced to do.

The plot has Elizabeth caught by Thomas coming out of a tavern alone after drinking and dancing. He insists upon accompanying her home, and then wakes her father and lets him know and recommends enrolling her at Alton Reform school. Elizabeth is livid but has no other options, and even is asked to sign the paperwork because of the threat of her being placed in an asylum instead. She doesn’t even last an afternoon before she escapes and is caught again by Thomas and escorted home. Her next choice in life comes as even a great shock. Can Thomas tame the wild Elizabeth and make her his own little Lizzie? “Love had a tricky way of weaving a web, tangling them together for all of eternity.” Maybe in the process of being contained and made little, Lizzie will learn that is what she wants and desires more than anything else in the world.

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A reader:

Little Lizzie's Reform

This is really a great age play book. Lizzie is a young woman who wants to run wild and be single. Thomas is a man who finds Lizzie late at night alone in a bar. He takes her home and eventually becomes Lizzie's husband and helps put her on the right path as a little and a wife.

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