Sophie Kisker Longings: Midrosian Slave Chronicles, Book Two
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On a world where all women are slaves, one woman refuses to submit.

Enna is a runaway, forced to hide in the desert mountains with others like her.  But despite the harsh environment, what she’s escaped from was intolerable, and she will never let herself be captured. When a chance comes to find her daughter, ripped from her arms just months before by her sadistic master, she only has her courage to fall back on, because she trusts no one else.  Especially another man.

Captain Matias Acoff found his missing sister on Midros, kidnapped as a child from their home planet and raised as a slave.  Now he’s helping to sort out other kidnapped women and return them to their homes. When he meets Enna, he finds himself involved with a group of runaway slaves. Even if she accepts his help to find her daughter, he can’t free her. She’ll always be a fugitive.  And if she’s found, the law is clear, and the punishment for running is severe.  When his assignment ends, how can he leave behind the woman he’s come to love, to face that by herself?

*This second book in the Midrosian Slave Chronicles. While there are moments of laughter and love, and a HEA, please be aware that it is set against a backdrop of darkness that includes explicit sexual themes, unequal power dynamics, capture fantasy, and corporal punishment.  Please consider whether this book would offend you before purchasing.

Sophie Kisker

Longings: Midrosian Slave Chronicles, Book Two

Published by: Blushing Books Publications

Copyright Blushing Books and Sophie Kisker
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Number of Chapters: Twenty-six - Word Count: 52800




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Twists or Two!

This is the 2nd book that I have read in this series and I enjoyed it just as much as the 1st one. This author has such a way with words that she draws me right into the story. I couldn't help but feel sad for Enna's with the way that her daughter was taken from her. I couldn't help but root for Matias and Enna. The plot was not just straight forward but it had a twist or two. I hope there will be another book in this series. This book can be read as a stand alone but I think that a person would enjoy it more if they have already read the 1st book.
Note: I received a copy of this book from the publisher for my honest review.

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Longing for Change

First, let me say what Longings isn't. It is not an erotic romance in any traditional sense, although there is romance in it. It also isn't what I would call dark erotica, with the woman feeling aroused despite herself type of thing. And although I think it would be helpful to have read Memories of a Slave, the first volume in the Midrosian Chronicles, it has very little in common with it except setting and a couple of crossover characters.

What it is, is a wonderful story about a woman enslaved and her struggles to find her daughter and live. Just live. Enna has no dreams of romance. She's never felt sexually aroused. All she's ever known is rape and physical punishment and sexual torture. Then Matias, a soldier from another planet arrives, freeing the enslaved women who have been kidnapped from other worlds, but unable to do anything about native enslaved women. He finds Enna under less than auspicious circumstances. Matias wants to help Enna and the small band of escaped women and children who struggle to survive and avoid discovery and capture. There is attraction between the two and therein lies the romance, but that is but a small part of the story. The larger story is about a culture dependent on slave labor, an interstellar power structure that is unwilling to upset that culture, and how this affects individuals caught up in the system. I loved the small ways Matias undermines the system and the larger ways he comes to challenge it. I loved his romance with Enna, even though it is very light on the erotic. I hated the sexual and physical torture meted out to Enna and the women when they are recaptured by their "owners." I very much look forward to the next volume in the Chronicles of Midros.

I received this book in exchange for an honest review.

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Eva Wade

Great read

ok this is a story about a planel where all the females are slaves. Also before the other planets found out they were kidnapping women from other planets. we start the story with our heroine escaping her masters home after losing her little to the system after having her for 5 years. when she runs away she meets up with other runaways but on a mission to go into town for help from a doctors office she gets stopped by the hero of our story. HE's from another planet who was originally there to find his sister and any other women who came from his planet. This book was very good i didn't read the first book but i don't feel i need to it was well written and is a standalone

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Laurel Lasky

Amazing Sci-Fi Adventure on Another Planet

this is the second book in the Midrosian Chronicles Book 2 and there are characters from the previous book, but this can be read as a standalone book. The heroine is separated from her daughter and as an abused slave, she runs away too try and reignite with her daughter. The hero finds her and assists her and in the process they fall in love. This exciting adventure has fast paced, page turning, heart pounding action with the intense feelings and emotions of the characters. The author has painted a new world that is realistic and believable and it drew me in so I could see and explore it. There was violence, non consent and abuse of women which was severe including harsh punishment. The storyline was well written and I throughly enjoyed this book. I volunteered to read and review this book.

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