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Tippy Madison has a pretty big secret—she’s a twenty-eight year old virgin. Thanks to her awkward teenage years, then a crazy college schedule, and, finally, her struggling bookstore, she simply hasn’t had time to date. When her beloved bookstore burns down one night, she ends up having a confrontation with a cop that leaves her handcuffed in the backseat of his police cruiser. A cop who happens to be Brent Kingston, the hot former quarterback she tutored back in high school. Though she finds him infuriating, she also finds herself having some pretty wicked thoughts about him.

Brent had a pretty big crush on the opinionated redhead who helped him pass English class. Now grown, Tippy is even more stunning—and just as strong headed. A good turn over his knee and a sound spanking is exactly what she needs, but it’s not enough for Brent. Tippy draws out his darker, kinkier, side, yet he quickly learns she is still a virgin. He worries that the feisty redhead won’t be able to handle this side of sex, but she is full of surprises. 

As their relationship grows so does Tippy’s old high school insecurities. Can she overcome the shadows of the past, or will it drive them apart forever?

Olivia Starke

The Virgin Bet

Published by: Blushing Books Publications

Copyright 2016 Blushing Books and Olivia Starke
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Number of Chapters: Eight - Word Count: 26000




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Hope W

Old crushes new again!

Hurts from high school carry over into adult life but how we see these memories and how others see them can vary. Brent Kingston, top jock, in high school liked his tutor "Tippy" but she thought she was only part of a stupid bet. Her hurt and humiliation, as she saw it, only led to her causing the same feelings in Brent when she shot him down for a date after finally getting up the nerve to ask her out. Well high school can be rough but being an adult can be just as hard especially when two old crushes run into each other and try to find their way. Brent and Tippy have both grown and changed over the years. Unfortunately, they meet again under bad circumstances. Tippy is watching her whole life burn down in from of her and is quite emotional. Brent on the other hand is quite in control, as he is now a cop, as he tries to help keep people away from the burning building. It doesn't take him long to see that Tippy still has her temper and emotional side from years ago! Brent can be a little overbearing and seems to steamroll over Tippy at time. On the other hand she seems torn about what she wants and can play jealousy games to get a response out of Brent. Over time these old crushes try to find their way past who they used to be and come out on the side of life they are on now. Although a little short and rushed at times I enjoyed this story quite a bit. I would loved to have seen the story expanded but what the author wrote was good. There were ups and downs with the couple, a lot of sex scenes, and a lot of spankings. Where the spankings seemed harsh it was understandable as the story leaned more towards S/m rather than just domestic discipline. Overall I would love to have seen more to the story but I did enjoy the story.

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Entertaining Short Story

This is an entertaining short story that provides more of a S/M point of view rather than a D/M. It is a short story so there is not a lot of character development, but I did enjoy both Tippy and Brent. They both know who they are as individuals and this book provides a glimpse into their thoughts and feelings as they delve into a relationship in which neither is quite comfortable. I did find myself cheering for them as a couple and will definitely give this author a second try. Please note, I received a copy of this book from the publisher in exchange for this my honest review.

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In high school, Brent Kingston was the most popular guy and quarterback of their team. Tippy Madison was an introverted nerd, and great in English. After helping tutor Brent in school, when he invited her to go as his date for their senior prom, she knows it is all a setup, she has heard about the virgin bet around the school. Refusing him in front of the school did not set well.

Ten years later, Tippy owns her own bookstore, even if it is struggling in today’s world of ereader books. When a major storm comes through, and her store catches fire and burns down, the last person in the world she expects to confront would be Brent Kingston, but now he is a police officer.

The plot has two unlikely people meeting up again after ten years. When Tippy lets her redheaded temper lose on Sergeant Kingston, he cuffs her and places her in the back of his cruiser, and threatens to take her to jail for assault on a police officer. Brent found her again after all these years, and now he wants to see where this will go. Tippy knew about the virgin bet, and with high school insecurities, even as an adult, she has so many doubts. Ten years later and he is even better looking than in high school, and he thinks she is much prettier than all those years ago. A threat of a spanking in high school has never left her mind; will Officer Kingston carry out his threat and make it a reality? What happens when their class reunion brings them face to face with their former friends? Brent gives this little angel wings and teaches her to fly.

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A reader:

The Virgin Bet

This is my honest review for an ARC copy. Remember how things could be in High school? If you need a brief memory check, this one starts with a snippet of time from then. The football team has a bet going to see how many virgins they can deflower. Enter Tippy. A very smart girl that even does homework for a friend, Brent. With the whole of the team watching, he asks her to the prom and because she can’t fathom him really being interested in her, the bet comes to mind. She’s sure he’s out to win and refuses to have anything to do with him. Fast forward ten years and circumstances bring them together again. This time things play out differently. A cute, swift tale that you can read quickly.

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