Rayanna Jamison Collared: Vegas Nights, Book One
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Diamond Barrett has spent the last four years hiding in plain sight, working as a show girl in Las Vegas, trying to forget the painful memories of her mother's untimely death. When the details of the gruesome accident finally surface on the morning of her 25th birthday, Diamond's pain leads her to a series of bad choices that result in the loss of her job. 

Now what?

Paxton Donovan's very presence exudes dominance and captures the attention of everyone around him. He has spent years creating his brand as a business owner and professional dominant. There is no time for anything that interferes with the order in which he runs his business and life. Structure, order, rules, discipline. Business without pleasure. No distractions.

But nothing could have prepared Pax for Diamond as their two worlds collide and both of their perfectly ordered and quiet lives combust. Will their undeniable attraction and intense passion be worth the risk of pain and heartache as they shatter their safe lives?

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Rayanna Jamison

Collared: Vegas Nights, Book One

Published by: Blushing Books

Copyright 2016 Blushing Books and Rayanna Jamison
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Number of Chapters: Eighteen - Word Count: 68800



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A reader:

Entertaining and sexy read

Collared by Rayanna Jamison, is a thrilling story filled with hot spankings and a passionate sub/dom relationship. Diamond, a deceased celebrity’s daughter, loses her job as a Vegas show girl after information about her mother’s death comes out and leads her to make some bad decisions. Pax, a bdsm club’s owner, feels bad for Diamond and offers her a job sat his club under the stipulation of following strict rules or being spanked on stage at the club. Pax and Diamond quickly fall in love and have a good dynamic with some twists that keep the reader on the edge of their seat. I enjoyed the descriptions of the club along with talk of other bdsm aspects along with spanking. I was given an ARC copy by the publisher for an honest review.

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What a way to start off a new series!

What a way to start off a new series!!! I love that this story is set in Vegas and that the spanking for punishment is used as entertainment for a casino. I thought that although some of the events seemed far fetch, since it’s set in Vegas with the paparazzi involved, anything is possible! I really enjoyed the two main characters, Pax and Diamond, as well as a very fun set of supporting characters. I’m hoping in future installments to this series that some of these same supporting characters get their own stories! The only reason that I did not give this book a full five stars is that I felt that the author did not develop the characters as much as possible as there seems to be a back story to Pax that is hinted to but not divulged. This book definitely contains hot spanking punishment and funishment scenes that are very fun! Please note, I received a copy of this book from the publisher in exchange for this my honest review.

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A reader:


4 stars
You can’t always predict when fate will drop chemistry on you. Diamond is hiding in plain sight. Pax is her knight in shining armor who rescues her and falls hard for her. It has a HEA. It is BDSM lite, with mostly spanking and a peak at the D/S lifestyle. The message is you have to fight for what you really want and know is right. It was an interesting story with likeable characters.

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A reader:

A story worth buying! Unput-downable!

Ms Jamison has outdone herself this time. The start of this story draws the reader in. Diamond is grieving and hiding. Pax is half-living. Working nonstop. They meet and their lives restart. The characters in this story are well written, full of human faults and failings. The spankings hot and the feelings real. There is plenty of spicy sex. I enjoyed reading this story and hope this is the start to a series! Hint! Hint! I highly recommend it.

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