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Dark Pines Manor isn't for everyone.

Patrice finds herself there as a result of her new husband's treachery - they didn't even have a wedding night together before he dumped her out of the carriage at the door to the establishment.

Eve is sent there by her father, who is at his wits' end due to her misbehavior and her constant testing of the limits of propriety.

Neither woman has any idea exactly where she has ended up, or what might be in store for her at the Manor - although Eve, subjected to callous and crude treatment at the hands of the couple who've been hired to collect her, already has an inkling that whatever awaits her upon her arrival will not be good.

She is right.

What Patrice and Eve both soon discover is that Dark Pines Manor is a place where women are expected to serve their Masters in all things, no matter what the command.

Both young women, who have been raised to be demure and chaste as Victorian society dictates, are horrified to discover that their bodies are no longer their own. Where punishments are severe, and the Masters are fine upstanding citizens, the cream of British society, men with power, wealth and position.

Like Lord Derek Muir who, once he has acquired Patrice, is determined to strip away her inhibitions and make her his own personal plaything, no matter what it takes.

Or Marcus, Earl of Donnington, who wastes no time in showing Eve all the different facets of his desires - to her shock, humiliation and, ultimately, complete arousal.

Will the young women learn to find pleasure in submission or will they fight it every step of the way?

Publisher's Note: This book is not a typical romance. It is a dark erotic tale. If explicit sexual scenes, which include humiliation, severe spanking and discipline offend you, please do not purchase Dark Pines Manor.

Sandy Grafton

Dark Pines Manor

Published by: Blushing Books

Copyright 2016 Blushing Boos and Sandy Grafton
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Dark Pines Manor isn't for everyone.

Number of Chapters: Nine - Word Count: 35000




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A reader:


I received this ARC book in exchange for an honest review. I have NO idea how to review this book. I do not hesitate to discontinue reading a book after 50 pages if it is boring, too convoluted, to ugly, angry etc. I read this whole book 2x! I want to offended, I want my feminist outrage to scream out but somehow this author has very skillfully walked the line of extreme submission, non consensual, hostage, kidnapping, really essentially rape in such a way that I bought into it and I buy the hopeful ending. I am very surprised at my response to this story. It certainly pushed my boundaries, forced me to ask myself some questions. This should not be a romance, it is dark bdsm erotica but it has a gentle sentimental side that will surprise you and again somehow the ending is plausible. I am now definitely following this author and look forward to what she will write in the future. Well done.

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A reader:

Defintely dark erotica

If you're looking for romance and HEA, this is not the book for you. However, if you like your erotica dark, this is reasonable entry in that genre. Our main characters, Patrice and Eve, have been taken to Dark Pines Manor because their husband and family, respectively, want to be rid of them. There, they are made into sex slaves. They are bound, beaten, and taken frequently by their masters. Both grow to accept their situations and are embarrassed to feel pleasure in their submission. I was rather surprised that Grafton left out anal sex, as that seems to have been something the Victorians were quite fond of, if their erotica can be believed. Other than that, we see a full range of sexuality here. There is very little plot, which is why I've only given the book 4 stars. It is well written and satisfying for the genre. More plot would have improved it significantly.

I received this book in exchange for an honest review.

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A reader:

Dark erotica

If you like women being taken against their will, severe punishments and humiliation you will like Dark Pines Manor. Patricia and Eve are two women sent to the manor . Both are virgins with no knowledge of sex and have to learn the hard way to please a master. They come to realize this is their place in life.

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Dark Victorian Erotica

Dark erotica because of the non-consensual, kidnapping aspects of the story. It wasn't too dark however and there was a hopeful ending. I am hoping we get to find out what happens to Eve and Patrice next.

Well written with some hot scenes and a simple story line. I enjoyed the book even without an emotional connection to the characters.

**I received an ARC in exchange for an honest review.**

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