Carolyn Faulkner Submissive Love
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I had known of Arik Southgate for all my life, it seemed.

But apparently, he knew much more about me.

Wealthy, easy on the eyes and overwhelmingly male and dominant, Arik Southgate was everything I'd ever wanted in a man, and, surprisingly, he seemed to want me, too. After my recent disastrous relationship, it felt good to be an object of desire again.  He made me feel as if I was the only woman on the planet for him - he paid attention, close attention – to me, and he didn't hesitate to call me on what he considered to be bad behavior.

I'd never had anyone spank me before, and perhaps I should have started out with someone who wasn't three times my size.  Before I knew it, he proposed marriage, pulling a "yes" out of me in a very sneaky, very sensual manner.

He's more than a handful in many ways, but then, so am I.  As Alpha as he always is, I always feel loved and protected, even when my bottom's on the line.

Disclaimer: Hot and romantic, be advised this sexy love story contains spankings, erotic sexual scenes and a Dominant/submissive relationship.

Carolyn Faulkner

Submissive Love

Published by: Blushing Books

Copyright 2016 Blushing Books and Carolyn Faulkner
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He's more than a handful in many ways, but then, so am I.

Number of Chapters: Nine - Word Count: 36000




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A reader:

Sadie is having doubts about her engagement to Simon, these doubts have been planted there by her mother. Simon and Sadie have to navigate through an interfering mother, a relentlessly nosy society blogger and life in general to come to an understanding about each other. I enjoyed the story and the love between Simon and Sadie. I didn\\'t enjoy alternating between the first person point of view with Sadie and the third person point of view with Simon. I have no issue with switching points of view, I just wish the style had remained consistent. I also didn\\'t understand what Ronnie really added to the story. The only thing she potentially added was prompting Sadie to tell Simon about a family secret in case Ronnie found out about it first. But it was really Sadie\\'s mother who challenged Sadie to tell him.

Note: I received a copy of this book from the publisher in exchange for an honest review.

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A reader:

I enjoyed this second book in the series by Libby Campbell. In fact, I hadn\\'t remembered that I had read the first book in the series until just after starting. I really liked the over the top Dom/sub relationship shared by Simon and Sadie. It definitely worked for the two of them. I thought that there were enough bumps in the road to make a second book on the same couple interesting... And I always love catching up on interesting couples from other stories. One point I was a little confused by was the lack of closeness between Sadie and her \\\"mom\\\". But, great story in all. Please note that I received this book from the publisher in return for an honest review.

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A reader:

This second book in this series about Simon and Sadie was just as good as the first! They are working on getting their wedding date set and have a lot of obstacles in their way. Sadie\\'s mother, a blogger, a car accident and Simon trying to hold on to Sadie makes this a terrific story! There are spanking (nothing to harsh), laugh out loud moments, extravagant gifts and Simon and Sadie loving each other. Fabulous book......hope there is another one! 5 huge stars!

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A reader:

Great modern domestic discipline story! I love the relationship dynamic between Sadie and Simon - they are both strong willed individuals that have found each other. They are still working to define and strengthen their relationship and along the way they experience both highs and lows. Simon is very rich and dominant and I love that Sadie challenges him and does not give in so easily but is willing to accept discipline from him when it’s warranted. I’m hoping that the author provides future installments in their relationship because I enjoy them as a couple and would love to find out more about some of the supporting characters. Note - I did receive a copy of this book free from the publisher in exchange for my honest review.

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