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Juliette’s lost her passion for working in long term care, and her life’s as stale as old croutons, so when the opportunity arises to care for the disabled brother of Archer MacCaleb (a man she’s been fantasizing about for over a year), she jumps at the chance.

Archer’s everything she’s never wanted to admit she needs, and his sweet, child-like brother steals her heart the moment they meet. As Juliette learns to understand Archer’s fiercely over-protective nature and begins to embrace her deepest desires, she discovers the MacCalebs are shrouded by mysterious deaths. Could one of the mercurial men she’s taken into her heart be responsible?

With disturbing and sinister threats suddenly aimed at her, she must decide…will she flee to avoid becoming the next victim or will she trust Archer with not only her heart and body, but her life as well?

Disclaimer: A spellbinding romantic suspense, be advised that Victims of Obsession also contains consensual adult spanking scenes.

Dulcie Taylor

Victims of Obsession

Published by: Blushing Books

Copyright 2016 Blushing Books and Dulce Taylor
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Will she trust Archer with not only her heart and body, but her life as well?

Number of Chapters: Fifteen - Word Count: 61000




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A reader:

Gallows Pole is about a pretty thief in 18th century England, Emmat, and a hangman, Vane, who is about to hang her brother, but she persuades him to let her brother go in exchange for herself. She thinks he wants her for a night; she finds out they are soon married. There is a lot of emotional turmoil for her as she adjusts to her new situation, and at one point she leaves him – but love and affection win out in the end. The story is written in a very breezy style, and the sexual activities are described in less detail than in some other books. The story is relatively short and moves quickly to its HEA.

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A reader:

Can you fall in love with a Hangman?

What would you do to save your brother? Emmat sacrifices herself to the hangman in order to spare her brother’s life. She doesn’t know anything about him or even what he looks like. She does know that because of what he does he is an outcast. His home is isolated and from that point forward, she will be as well. There is no one to hear her the first night as he has his way with her.

Can she come to love him? Can she accept the man behind the mask? If you loved “Beauty and the Beast” you will love “Gallows Pole”…

(Book received from the Publisher)

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A reader:

I enjoyed this unique and different tale, one of two unlikely people, a highwayman (or in this case woman) wed to a duly appointed executioner. Emmat’s brother has been caught, sentenced and due to hang for his crime, and her parents tell her, if he doesn’t come home, don’t come back home yourself. How does one bribe the hangman? Emmat will “fall on the sword” for her brother—but the price is steep.
The plot brings a young woman to the gallows in hopes of rescuing her brother, going as far as trading herself for her brother’s life. Since the undersheriff and Parson were not there to witness that days hanging, Peter will be assumed dead. What will be the fate of Emmat, a night used by the hangman? But no, he reminds her “Death is forever, you know.” Forced to marry him, why does he remain a mystery, hooded in the daylight and demanding no lamplight at night? Secrets, mystery, suspense, dread, fear, desire and longing all make up this unusual relationship. Sometimes absence does make the heart grow fonder, and you realize that what you are trying to run from is the one thing you really want and crave. “Home, it turned out, was not a place. It was a feeling.”
Note to those who are fans of the typical genre at Blushing Books, including Domestic Discipline, BDSM, and Spanking romance; you will not find it in this story.

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A reader:

This was a good story and so well-written it was a pleasure to read. I liked Emmat and Vane. Vane took a gamble and it really paid off for him. Emmat loved what Vane could do to her. The fact he wanted her and cared about her softened and warmed her heart towards him. He turned out to be a good man, someone she could have a good life with, something that takes her a while to work out. Loved it.

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