Addison Cain A Trick of the Light
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Prohibition has a stranglehold on legitimate business, but for small towns willing to play dirty, and country boys looking to make a pretty penny on shine, Prohibition has been a boon. For Monroe County, its the very life blood that keeps their backwoods community afloat.

But something isnt right about the new girl in town. Charlotte Elliot swears, she drinks, and shes trying too damn hard to fit in with the simple folk. The moonshining backbone of Monroe, Matthew Emerson, is less than thrilled when the blonde comes knocking on his door.

He knows what she is, what shes capable of.

Charlotte doesnt mind his glares. All she pines for is a quiet place to start over, but try as she might, there is no pleasing Matthew. The gruff outlaw is only too happy to point out her flaws, to correct her mouth, and to find himself spellbound and awkward every time he happens to catch her pretty blue eyes.

A rotten past has a way of catching up with a girl, and the most notorious gangster in Chicago has found her­and he wants her back. Matthew aims to keep her, but if he wants her, if he really loves her, he has the fight of his life on his hands. 

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Addison Cain

A Trick of the Light

Published by: Blushing Books

Copyright 2016 and Addison Cain
9 Reviews

A rotten past has a way of catching up with a girl.

Number of Chapters: Nineteen - Word Count: 84000



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Hope W

Hot alpha brothers, feisty female, and danger... what is not to like

Wow, what a fabulous book! This story was well written and filled with complex characters. "Charlie" and the Emerson brothers ( Matthew, Nathaniel, and Eli ) were down to earth and heart warming. Watching the love grow between Charlotte, "Charlie" and Matthew was so real and sweet. Charlotte was used to being independent and standing on her own in the dangerous life she lived within. Matthew was an alpha male who wants to love and protect her from anything or anyone that may hurt her. The other Emerson brothers, Nathaniel and Eli, follow Matthew's behaviors and not only enjoy "Charlie" but want to protect her. I found the dialogue between Nathaniel and "Charlie" refreshing and funny. She can definitely hold her own with all the Emerson men as well as the criminals she encounters. Her relationship with Beau and Martha Radcliffe was complicated from the beginning but still had a deep love that grew over time.. I highly, highly recommend this book. The author kept me engaged in the story with danger, mystery, intrigue, love, steaming sex scenes, and even one spanking. I would have enjoyed more spankings scenes but that would be the only thing I would like to have seen changed. I hope this author will continue with these characters and make it into a series. I would love to see what might happen with the other Emerson brothers. I hope you will take the time to read this amazing must read book!! Note: I was given this book by the publisher in exchange for a free review.

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Tricia Coker

Sweet and spicy!

I very much enjoyed this book, which was a surprise for me. :)

I've enjoyed reading the authors work online in the past, and own her other published books currently, which I enjoyed. I like my fiction science fiction or fantasy based, including my romances. A period piece from the Prohibition was not so much my thing, but the author's a good writer so I was curious.

This book was very entertaining, with a nice blend of sexual tension and characters which were likable but still carried flaws which gave them more depth and realism. At times you wanted to shake your head and smack sense into them, and then smiled when they still managed to make things right. The time period lent an interesting sort of intrigue to things which kept me enraptured.

I like Charlie's fire and independence. I liked all the Emerson boys and the way they played off each other so well. The change up from Chicago to Monroe kept things interesting as well, and let us see other points in history and setting while still keeping the flow and feel of the story.

This is a good read for most anyone, and I would recommend it.

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A reader:

This is a very well written and wonderfully complex story. The author did a tremendous job of creating the small town community of Monroe County, as well as the much more complex Prohibition Era Chicago. The action was very fast paced, while the romance built nice and slow. I loved the depth of the characters, particularly Charlotte, as she struggles with her new life and with accepting Matthew’s love. This story is considerably different from the author’s previous books, but is definitely worth reading. I can definitely see this one being a bestseller.

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A reader:

Charlie is a bounty hunter, not just any old bounty hunter, but a bounty hunter with a difference. Charlie is a girl in a man\\'s profession. She has all the skills of a dangerous killer just like the scum she brings in for the lucrative payoff at the end of the search. Her latest \\'find\\' killed her brother, murdered her mother and calls himself her father. But that doesn\\'t stop her from cutting off his finger when he breaches her rules and stabs her with a shard of glass when she\\'s bringing him in to justice. When her car breaks down in the backwoods of Monroe County where bootlegging is rife, they seem barely civilized enough to help a stranger in need. Only Charlie saving Matthew Elliot\\'s brother\\'s life invokes the help she needs. But the countryside calls to Charlie to return in her female guise in order to pursue her feelings for Matt and see if there is any future for the adoptive niece of a gangland boss of Chicago.

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