Sophie Kisker Memories: Midrosian Slave Chronicles, Book One
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How do you dream of freedom when you can't remember ever being free?

Lydia has been a slave all her life, and knows she's been lucky. She has a good Master, a good home, and sister-slaves who love her. But something is missing. She longs to know more about the world around her, and the universe she can see from her window at night. Knowledge is for the men, and written in a language she'll never be allowed to learn. The penalty is too steep, the punishment too harsh.

When an opportunity to find out what she's been missing falls into her lap, she can't ignore it. She studies and learns in secret, hoping she's never found out. And one day, she does something careless that almost reveals her secret, and she pays with a penalty that is very harsh, and very public. What follows, though, launches her unexpectedly into a world she never imagined she'd ever get to see, and provides her a champion who teaches her to question everything she's ever taken for granted.

James has been invited to Midros to help his friend solve a decades-old mystery about a drug that's made on the planet. He stands to make more money than he can imagine, if he succeeds. Finding himself entertaining a slave he's somehow accidentally rented, is not in his plans. But she quickly becomes so much more. She's incredibly smart, feisty, and brave. When he learns her secret, he finds he cannot bear the thought of letting her go back to face an uncertain future. And when they stumble on the truth about the deceptions her world has created, they must risk everything - their future, and her life - to right a wrong so great it will change the history of that universe she's always longed to explore.

Sophie Kisker

Memories: Midrosian Slave Chronicles, Book One

Published by: Blushing Press

Copyright 2016 Blushing Books and Sophie Kisker
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A reader:

I found this to be an emotional, heart-wrenching, spine-tingling tale. The plot of this story will take the reader on an emotional roller-coaster ride, from the use and even abuse of women, not allowing them to learn, having no rights, and being subjected to a life of slavery. No other planet treats women this way, and basically they are brainwashed into subservience from a very young age. One man, a dominant, but with respect to women and only believes in consensual M/s relationships becomes a champion for his temporary for a week slave. How far will they go to make things right? What memories will haunt Lydia and help unlock the mystery to so many female slaves?

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A reader:

I so enjoyed this book! It\\'s written very well and the plot was intriguing. The detailed descriptions of this other world, their lifestyle, and culture made it easy to imagine. The treatment of the women made me cringe and had me cheering for Lydia and James from beginning to end. Quit reading here, buy the book and enjoy!!

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A reader:

Another fantastic book by Sophie Kisker who is becoming the Queen of the non-Consensual slavery. The storyline was brilliant with abuse of women vs freedom, being able to choose, the feelings and emotions of the characters plus many unexpected twists and turns. Tears and cheers. I loved this book.

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A reader:

This story grabbed my attention from the very beginning. It is a tale of freedom in many senses of the word. Empowerment and slavery do not go hand in hand but Lydia tries to defy the odds. This is my first exposure to Sophie Kisker's writing and I am very impressed. Her characters are believable and complex. Descriptions are true and never take you out of the story. I'll be looking for more from Ms. Kisker.

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