Amity Maree Daring to Love: The Team, Book Four
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Retired Cop. The new Widow. Are they both too stubborn to find a future together?

Sarah is frustrated by family friend, Adam Crawford, who seems to feel that she is now his responsibility. He had been her husband’s best friend, but she feels it was unfair of her husband from his deathbed to request that Adam look out for her. She’s a grown woman! She can very well look out for herself. And if she wants to paint her house a garish new color, she will jolly well do it, no matter what he says. The trouble is... she is falling in love with the man, but can he love her for herself, and not out of a sense of duty?

Meanwhile, team member Bob is in love with his neighbor Peggy, but he’s been clumsy about letting her know it. Now she refuses to even see him! He’s getting fed up, and wishes he could just storm her house and spank her senseless. Maybe after they got around to the kiss-and-make-up part, she’d realize the depth of his feelings for her. Then one afternoon he hears her scream! Will he get there in time to save her?

While this is the final book in the series, The Team, it can be read as a stand alone.

Amity Maree

Daring to Love: The Team, Book Four

Published by: Blushing Press

©2016 by Blushing Books® and Amity Maree
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A reader:

The fourth book and final book in The Team series brings so many new surprises; these people have bonded as a family, and they take care of their own. When something happens to one, it affects them all. Widow Sarah meets her match with a family friend, and widower, Adam Crawford. Lots of weddings and new babies join this every growing family. The plot kept me in suspense during some tense situations and the pages turning as the team takes on those who try to harm them or others. The dialog is heartwarming with witty battering. Throw in feisty women, dominant men, several deserved spankings and also seeing the difference between a loving couple using domestic discipline and a sadistic psychopath switching an innocent woman. These stories will read as a standalone but read so much better in the order they are written to follow the progress of The Team. They contain no sex scenes.

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A reader:

This warmhearted 4th and final book in this team series can be read as a stand alone story but I would recommend reading the first thru the third in order to get an idea of the closeness and team spirit. This couple, Adam and Sarah are older and both lost their spouses. All the men on the team are HOH and use domestic discipline to help their feisty women keep out of harms way and the spanking is mild and given with love. I\\'m sorry to see the end of this marvelous series.

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A reader:

I really enjoyed this whole Team series!! I loved caring for all the characters in the 1st book, then getting every individual couple\\'s story continued as the series goes on!! I loved the whole cast of characters in this Team series and found this last one with Sarah and Adam, a delight as well!! Loving, sweet and caring!!

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A reader:

A wonderful book! Its exciting to the end! full drama, adventure, kidnapping, and a surprising twist for love.

I highly recommend this books

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