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Enlightenment: The Story of L Book Two

By: L.A. Cloutier
Published By: Blushing Press
Copyright: � 2013 by Blushing Books and L. A. Cloutier
14 Chapters / 64,000 Words
Heat Level:
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L is in store for a few new surprises when she finishes her slave training at The Inn. Trey has taken the liberty of moving her out of her apartment. Telling her employer she has quit her job and has decided to take her on a vacation to the Caribbean Islands.

While on their trip he explains to her why he has entrusted Clay to take care of her discipline and punishments. As L settles into her new life, Trey gives her some reading assignments in order to help her better understand what it means to be - his slave. L remains contemplative about what Trey really wants from her until he announces an upcoming business trip. And although L doesn't know it yet, he has a surprise in store for her just before he leaves.

Not wanting L to be alone during his absence he arranges to have her stay with Clay.

Clay is intent upon making the most of her stay with him and holds a few surprises of his own, but all does not go according to plan when something unexpected happens that affects them all.
�I have to go out of town for a couple of weeks. I don�t like the thought of you staying here in the apartment that long all by yourself. I think you should stay with Clay while I�m gone,� Trey called from the bathroom as he finished shaving.

L groaned as she pulled herself from their nice warm bed and walked into the bathroom.

�Did you hear me L,� he asked, watching her naked backside in the mirror. She looked adorable in the mornings before she was fully awake.

�Yes, Master,� L mumbled, sounding anything but pleased.

�What�s the matter, Pumpkin?� he turned to face her as she made ready for her morning shower.

�I just don�t like when you have to go out of town,� she sighed.

Trey approached and hugged her tenderly kissing the top of her soft auburn head. �Your list for the day is on the table in the kitchen. We are going to Club 9 tonight, be home by no later than 5:00. I�ll call you and let you know what time to meet me. Understand?�

L nodded as Trey released her, �Yes, Master.�

�Let me see that sweet little smile of yours before I go.�

L looked up into her Master�s pale blue eyes and smiled. His rugged good looks could always make her smile. His short dark wavy hair was just starting to show signs of getting gray at his temples. His white long sleeved button up shirt was still open in front. L admired his strong firm chest. The hair on his chest made a sort of T-shape between his well-chiseled pectorals that L loved touching and running her fingers through when they lay in bed.

�That�s my good little girl,� he said winking and smiling back at her. �I love you, L. You be a good girl today.�

�I love you, too,� L crooned, loving the way he said those words as he turned and left her to her morning duties.

When L had finished showering she slipped on her terry cloth robe and wrapped her hair up in a towel, heading to the kitchen for a cup of coffee and to see what sort of list Trey had left for her today.

She stirred the cream in her coffee and grabbed the list:

What you will wear: Dress 14, the bra is attached to the hanger. 4 inch open toed heels, - your choice. Pin your hair up however you like in the back, but leave those two long little streaks I love so much hanging down around your face. Put your makeup on to match the colors on the dress, but no lipstick. At 8:00 am, insert the vibrating egg I bought for you.

What you will eat: For breakfast you will have 1 boiled egg, a piece of wheat toast and a full glass of orange juice. You may have no more than two cups of coffee.

For lunch you will eat at Dina�s caf�. You will order the lean chicken croissant, a side order of cottage cheese and either coffee or water.

If you are hungry before dinner, which you will be having with me, you may choose a healthy, but light snack from the pantry. I�ll be making sure you chose healthy.

What you will do today for me: Take the dry cleaning to the cleaners. They must be there before 11:00 am. Go to the grocers and buy enough food for two healthy meals for the both of us. Go to the gym and spend a minimum of 1 hour doing either cardio, or swimming. Spend one hour of your choosing in the park this afternoon reading the book I bought you, there will be questions later. Call your hair stylist and make an appointment before Monday, schedule a wax as well.

Whatever time you have left after following your duties I trust you will use happily and constructively, but remember to be home by 5:00 pm.

Love, Master

P.S. It might be very nice in the park at 1:30 this afternoon.

L set the list down on the bed and reached for her lotion. Trey insisted that she use lotion after every shower. This always took at least twenty minutes or more because he made her remove her piercings and put them back in when she was done. He called them her slave rings.

�Taking them out, cleaning and caring for them will help to remind you what they stand for. Every time you see my initials you will be reminded that you are my slave,�he had told her.

It was 7:45 when she shed the towel from her head, dried her hair and applied her makeup. When she was happy with her overall appearance she reached into the second drawer of the vanity and pulled out the little black velvet box which housed the silver vibrating egg. She inserted the little monstrosity and then put back in her labia piercings, clipping them together.

Going into the neatly organized walk-in closet, Trey�s things all on the right and hers on the left, L selected her dress according to the number on the hanger. Number 14 was a lovely light blue spring dress, made mostly of cotton that would taper in nicely around her waist. There was a light blue bra accompanying it.

L used the mirror on the back of the closet door as she dressed. Then she chose a white pair of 4 inch, open toed heels to complete her outfit, and took a white shawl from the rear of the closet before closing the door. She put it on the bed and picked up her list again, checking it along with her watch. She had just enough time to make her breakfast, pack her gym bag, and gather the dry cleaning before ringing the lobby to have a cab waiting for her.

* * * * *

She had the cab wait while she dropped off the dry cleaning. From there she had the driver take her to the gym. L enjoyed her workouts. They gave her time to reflect. So many things had changed in her life over the last six months. Forty-five minutes of lazy laps in the pool would be a nice way to reflect.

She could tell by the locker room that the pool wasn�t full. She liked it that way. The smell of the chlorine wafted up in her face the moment she opened the door going out into the pool area. Wearing her sleek black one-piece suit, she scanned the three others in the pool before getting into the shallow side, using the steps. Clay had warned that she had better do it that way. She both giggled and cursed him for being so annoying with her all the time. L pushed off from the side of the pool and started her laps

She figured Clay just liked making up reasons to punish her. It was an odd arrangement that the three of them had. She had lain quietly awake listening to the news on her last day at The Inn. She would be serving not just one Master, but in effect, two of them.

The day she left The Inn they both happily informed her that Trey was the Master she would live with, but that Clay would be her Master when she got into trouble and needed discipline�anyway he saw fit.

L wasn�t too happy to find out that Trey had taken the liberty of moving her into his apartment while she was staying at The Inn. Anything he didn�t feel she needed at his place he had put in storage for her until they could decide what to do with it.

He could see that she wasn�t happy when he sprung that news on her when they got home� his home. L wasn�t used to living with anyone. She had been single and independent for years, working at the library. The time she had spent at Trey�s apartment until then was usually no more than weekends.

Tears had filled her eyes when he informed her, showing her where he had placed her dresses and shoes.

�Aw, sweetheart, don�t worry. I�m not that hard to get along with,� he said, taking her in his arms and holding her. �You�re mine now, darling, you are my slave. Surely you would have known I wasn�t going to let you live across town from me once you were mine,� he kissed the top of her head while they stood in the walk-in closet.

�Well I didn�t expect it so suddenly,� L sniffled, feeling overwhelmed by this sudden new change.

�You have nothing to worry about, L. The only thing you now have to think about is pleasing me, and being obedient. I�ve already called the library and told them you wouldn�t be coming back,� he said as he stroked her hair knowing this was really going to upset her.

�What?� she cried, sounding horrified. She pushed away from him. �You told the library that I quit?� L�s eyes were wide with panic. �How could you do that? How could they even let you do that?�

�Sweetheart, you don�t seem to understand the scope of what being my slave means for you.� Trey reached forward to take hold of her wrist.

L pulled away like his touch burned her.

He gave her a disgruntled look and cornered her taking hold of her wrist anyway, walking her to the bed and sitting her down. �What part of being my slave don�t you understand? I told you before you went to The Inn that you would no longer be my submissive, but rather, you would then become my slave, remember?� he pulled her close, but she remained stiff in his arms.

�I didn�t know that meant giving up my whole life and turning it upside down. I didn�t know it meant quitting a job I have had for over ten years, Trey! God,how could you� without even bringing it up to me first?� she sobbed.

�Shh�. Don�t cry, baby, and do not call me by name again. I am your Master now, I expect you to respect that. I know this is a big surprise, but it�s for the best that these changes be incorporated right away. What did you think would happen once you agreed to become my slave?� he asked softly, trying to comfort her.

�I thought you sent me there to learn how to serve you better. To become more elegant and demure, to perfect my already submissive qualities, like you told me,� she sobbed harder, wiping at her tears.

�I did, L, but I also told you that you would not be my submissive anymore. You are now my slave, utterly and completely, and I will take care of all the responsibilities you used to have. I wish you saw this the way I do, L. You don�t have to worry about your apartment anymore or working a job anymore. All you have to worry about is what pleases me and obeying what I instruct you to do.�

�But I don�t mind working, Tr� Master. I enjoy my job at the library. I have good friends there. What am I going to do all day long now without my job?� L pulled back and looked into his eyes.

Trey smiled softly, putting his hand on the side of L�s face and looked at her lovingly. �You�ll do whatever it is you are told to do, L. Don�t worry, sweetheart. I promise you won�t be bored. Think positive about this and I think you�ll adjust to the new circumstances just fine once you realize you no longer have to worry about anything but pleasing, or displeasing me from now on.�

Trey had kissed her forehead lingeringly while she continued to cry softly, pulling her into his long arms and holding her as she absorbed how things were going to be for her from now on.

L�s mind had been in a state of shock that day and for a good many days after that while she got used to the idea of being stripped of all her independence. No job meant that she had no choice but to rely on Trey for the things she needed. Not having her own apartment meant that she had no place to retreat to when she wanted just to be alone. L still hadn�t really gotten a grasp of what being his slave was going be like, but those sudden changes came like more of a slap in the face than something to be grateful for.

At first L felt a lot like Trey�s personal assistant, running errands, tending to the dry cleaning, doing the grocery shopping, filing the scattered monstrosity of a mess in his study�

�As a former librarian this will be fun for you,� he had said, flashing his sweetest smile.

Bringing him lunch once a week was turning out to be one of her more favored tasks. She wasn�t always told to bring it to his office. Sometimes he would instruct her to bring it to him down by the pond near the park, or behind the old grade school that had closed down.

He was right about making sure she was busy, especially on the days she brought him lunch. L found that she got at least a couple of hours to herself most of the time. She was thankful that Trey seemed to know she needed that, except when she was sent to Clay�s.

Currently that seemed to be every couple of weeks for an overnight or sometimes a weekend.

Clay had his own rules and regulations that she had to respect and obey when she was sent to stay with him. The first of them being when she arrived she had to sit down and tell him all of her transgressions since she had seen him last. In other words, she had to rat herself out. Trey would always tell Clay ahead of time what her transgressions had been.

Trey would tell her when she messed up by saying, �You�re going to answer to Master C for that one.�

More often than not though, she not only had to answer for the things that Trey told Clay about, but also those things he would pry out of her that Trey had somehow seemed to miss, or simply overlooked.

L always came home from Clay�s house with a sore bottom, in more ways than one. Trey would know instantly just by the way she walked and even more so when she sat down, how tender her poor little bottom was. She usually needed a couple of days to recuperate after a weekend with him.

She loved how tender and caring Trey was after her visits with Clay. He would hold and rock her, stroking her hair telling her how much he loved her, but that the punishments were for her own good.

L remembered overhearing the two of them talking before they informed her how things were going to be between the three of them. Trey had told Clay he agreed to make this arrangement on her behalf. He knew she needed what Clay could give her. At the time, L had thought he was talking about her need for Clay�s type of sex. Later they explained that the reason they made the arrangement was not for her desire of a certain sexual appetite, but rather because as a slave she would need discipline and this was something Trey just couldn�t bring himself to administer physically.

During her first month as his slave, Trey had planned a trip for them. He thought it would give them time to form the Master-slave bond, to help L accept her new position, and get her mind off how abruptly things had changed for her recently. For this, L had been grateful. It had given her time to adjust first before she jumped into her new routine. He took her on a cruise to the Virgin Islands. He told her it was sort of like a honeymoon and it had been. They spent just under three weeks at the Applesurf Villas on Tortola in complete privacy.

They made love at all hours of the day or night�in the Villa, out on the veranda, in a cave they�d gone to explore, in the sea, and once on the charter boat Trey rented to take them out fishing. L didn�t fish, but Trey wasn�t about to leave her behind. She enjoyed watching how excited Trey got when he caught something. L had gone below the deck to use the restroom and Trey was waiting for her when she opened the door with a knowing grin on his face.

�Master, we couldn�t. What if we are caught? There are others up top. They could hear us,� L said in a hushed soft voice.

Trey didn�t so much as say a word in response to her. He simply guided her back into the very small bathroom, stripped her suit from her decadently tanned body and lifted her against the wall. She started to protest, but he placed his hand over her mouth and pressed himself into her harshly. �You�re a slave, L, you have no right to object or deny me anything I wish to have. And right now I want to have you, right here up against this wall,� he said, not bothering to be quiet.

He�d only been wearing a pair of swim trunks, so springing himself free took little effort. In less than thirty seconds, he had his large Italian cock buried to the hilt inside of her. Her back was thudding against the wall with each thrust as he impaled her. He kept his hand over her mouth the whole time so that she couldn�t utter a word, muffling her moans.

Trey knew that the two weeks at The Inn would prepare her for being his slave, but he also knew she wouldn�t fully understand what being a slave meant until he started enforcing it on her. Now was one of those times. He wanted to be impulsive and quick about fucking her in that little bathroom. He didn�t care if she got off or not, he was impetuous and lustful while he made his point.

�I�ll have you anywhere I want, L. With or without your consent,� his voice was deep and gruff sounding while he pumped himself into her. �It is not your job to decide what we can or cannot do, or when we can do it. You need not worry about if we get caught, you are mine and I will take full responsibility if anything were to happen.� He started to thrust into her with full determination and she knew he was close.

�You� are� mine� Slave,� he grunted out the words in time with his thrusts. L was certain the men above could hear them. �You will not question me again, do you understand?� Trey�s eyes bore into L�s with a look she had never seen from him before. For some reason it was starting to really excite her that he was angry with her and telling her so while he fucked her. But just as her climax started to build he spilled himself deep within her and left her pussy throbbing in want of more as he put himself back into his swim trunks and told her to get her suit back on.

He made her go ahead of him up the short steps leading back onto to the deck. He knew that the men up top would know what transpired between them only moments ago.

L�s face flushed with embarrassment as she took her towel from her chair and wrapped it about her waist before sitting down. Two of the other four men who chartered with them smiled at L with an obvious look in their eye that told her they knew what had just happened. The Captain however gave Trey quite a disapproving look, which Trey seemed to care less about as went back to his seat. There was a bit of an uncomfortable silence until one of the guys on the far left side of the rail caught a fish, and then the man-chatter was non-stop until they pulled back into the bay.
Marybeth on 03/17/2014 02:55pm
This story is a little different from the first. We see how L is treated by Trey. Mostly as a possession. While she was in training, he gave notice for her at her job, he emptied out her apartment and put what HE thought she didn’t need in storage, he cancelled her credit cards, he got rid of her cell phone. He wanted her dependent on him. L isn’t happy about it, but she accepts it. Trey and Clay have also come up with a way for both of them to have her. L lives with Trey, but sends her to Clay when she needs to be punished. And the punishments are impressive! I had a harder time with this story because L is a possession. Not my cup of tea. But, that is a personal problem, not a problem with the story. It is well-written and flows well. So, I do recommend this book so that you can understand the last one!
Laurel on 11/23/2013 02:43pm
This was a wonderful follow up of book one. If you are inti bask, this book is for you. Great character development and intriguing plot.
Star on 11/17/2013 02:32pm
Wow what a sequel. If you like bdsm this is your book and the ending what a twist
SH on 11/14/2013 06:21am
I loved this book! Fantastic follow up to book one! So happy to see Trey get his due and loved reading and learning more about Clay. L is so sweet and deserves a HEA. Can't wait for the next book!!
KArc on 10/24/2013 02:33am
Although I really enjoyed this story, I did find it a little slow at first. I had issues with Trey in the first book so I can't say I'm sad that things went the way they did. I thought he was unworthy of L before, there is no question in my mind after that stunt he pulled. Clay is back, too and he proves to be a force to be reckoned with. I hope there is more of S in the third book. She has come a long way and seems to have a very intriguing story to tell.
Cleo on 09/16/2013 09:01am
A worthy sequel which I enjoyed more than the first. An intense, edgy BDSM read it has a very likable hero, a love to hate Villian, a plot with intereting turns, a lovable heroine that you just want to see get her HEA. Oh, did I mention hot and very intense sex. It made me emotional and there was one scene with the villian that I just wanted L to ... Well, no spoilers here. You'll just have to read it to see what I mean. How long before the third?
Kim on 09/15/2013 03:43pm
Just as good as the first one! I loved L and was sooooo happy by how it ended! I can't wait for the third book!!

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