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Making Book Reviews

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It's easier than it looks!

You probably just didn't notice the "tabs" yet, or the link inside. No worries! We're always here to help you through!

Steps on how to create a book review:

1. Click on any book cover you see on the site. That will take you to it's "Product Page". This is where you make the review! Like this one.

2. Click on the "Reviews" tab.

reviews tab


3. Click the "Make your review" link! This will open up a form at the bottom of the page!

4. Fill out the form! It doesn't matter what name you use--whatever you'd like the public to see! The public can NOT access your email, but please write it for the sake of your friendly administrator. :) When it comes to the star rating, remember that 5 stars means that you think the book was amazing--1 star means that it was tough to finish.


5. Submit review and wait! To cut down on trolling, the administrator will read and approve your review. This normally takes less than 24 hours, and then you'll be able to see your review!



Please make the reviews useful to other readers. Your reviews get read by them, and by the authors. So make sure they're respectful and honest and don't be afraid of detail, but make sure your comments make sense and relate to the story

A good review might look like this (it doesn't always have to be positive, this is just an example of what we'd like to see): "This story wasn't anything like I expected! It had a lot of action, great dialogue, was funny and cute, but the romance throughout was consistent, original and clever. My only problem with this story was that I thought the spankings were a little too severe for the story matter, which is why I'm only giving it 4/5."

A review that's not helpful might look like this:
"This was good." (And that's it with no description of why it was good.)
Or "This book seems like something my sister would like." (And that's all, with no discription on why it would be something a friend of yours or a sister would enjoy.)