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The Seduction: The Story of M

By: L.A. Cloutier
Published By: Blushing Press
Copyright: � L.A. Cloutier and Blushing Press, 2013
12 chapters / 50,000 words
Heat Level:
3.9 Out Of 5 (3.9 on 16)   |  Write a review
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(Note: This is a re-release of the book originally entitled "Abduction, Seduction, and the Making of a Slave." All Blushing Books' customers who purchased this book previously will find this newly edited and re-released version available in their libraries.)

Misty's average life as a barmaid is about to take an unexpected yet tantalizing turn, but for better or for worse? Robert, a good looking man in his forties has enjoyed the BDSM lifestyle for nearly 20 years now. However, he is no longer content with the young women who are already curious about learning what that lifestyle involves.

Robert wants the young woman who knows little or nothing about the true joys that such a lifestyle can bring. He sets his sights on Misty after having carefully planned each and every step on how to induce her into first hating him, then perhaps liking him and eventually even loving him. His goal is to do this in only three days.

Three days for abduction... seduction... and the making of a slave. Is it possible?
It was Thursday night; I was tired from a long shift at the bar. The sound of my heels clicking the cement almost lulled me to sleep as I walked the 18 blocks to my flat. I never liked walking past Jim�s garage though. There is a long dark alley over there and you never know what or who might be lurking. A couple of girls were abducted from that alley a few years back. Normally Ted gives me a lift home, but tonight, he never showed up for work, so I am stuck walking.

I step up my pace as I approach the alley wanting to pass quickly, but it�s not my lucky night. I feel a pointy object in my back and a leather gloved hand wrap harshly around my mouth. I freeze as he pulls me back against him.

�You may walk slowly backwards and do not attempt to scream,� a man�s muffled voice says.

Instinctively my hands reach up to his arm in an attempt to pry it from me, but I felt the point in my back tear through my blouse and poke at my flesh. I took a step back while tears started to form in my eyes. Then another and another as he virtually pulled my stiffened body along. A tear rolled onto his glove and I could see the glint of it from the street light. My nose started to run and it became harder to breath. He stopped and leaned his head next to mine.

�Stop it, my dear, or I shall give you a real reason to cry those tears� and he poked the knife a little further into the space between my shoulder blades.

I flinched and tried to nod my head. My legs were trembling now and my hands and arms were shaking. We reached the back of the alley and he pulled me harshly, removing the knife from my back as he shoved the heavy metal door open. He used his foot to shut it and held me tightly to him just inside the door.

There was a dim light coming from the bottom of a set of concrete steps. I could see the sliver of his blade as he brought it to the bottom button of my blouse and sliced through each thread until they were all scattered to the cement below.

�I am going to let go of your mouth now, you scream and you will bleed... do you understand me?� his voice sounded as stiff as my muscles.

I nodded my head and felt his grip loosen from my lips, the blood quickly returning to them. He slid his hand from my mouth, to the back of my hair and gripped it tightly, and his blade went to its previous position on my back. I gasped and put my hand to my mouth for fear of crying out.

I heard him chuckle, sliding the blade delicately down my spine. He used the blade to pull and lift my blouse off, turning me to face him in just my bra and skirt. His eyes were a bright sky blue, and the rest of his face covered by a black ski mask. His hands were firm on my shoulders, the leather gloves smooth and worn. His eyes were piercing into mine as I tried to avoid their contact.

�Do you think I mean to hurt you, my lovely frightened little rabbit?�

My shoulders were trembling, partly in fear and partly from cold. My hands folded in front of me as I fumbled with my fingers looking at them.

�I don�t know what you mean to do with me,� I said quietly, feeling his gloved finger on the bottom of my chin, forcing me to look up at him.

�I mean to make you my own you lovely little bitch.� His hand moved from my chin to my forehead as he brushed the straggly red hair from my eyes. Once again, I looked down, not wanting to keep eye contact with him.

�Okay fine, I see how it�s going to be.� He gripped my shoulders and forced me to turn around. He nudged me towards the stairs. I was reluctant but knew I had no choice as my left hand rested upon the peeling gray paint of the handrail.

�I think you�re going to like the basement, my dear.� He laughed a little and nudged me again to start descending.

The clack of my heels echoed between the cold gray cement walls with each unwilling step I took. The steps turned and I could see where the light was coming from now, as I peered into the doorway of what must be the basement. We reached the bottom platform and he told me to stop, taking a hold of my right arm and standing next to me.

�This is a special little place I have prepared just for the two of us.� There seemed to be a hint of excitement in his voice.

I stood there peering into the room shaking badly. I saw a long silver table and a workbench where a single light bulb was suspended. Various tools strewn about on the workbench, wrenches, leather gloves, a pipe wrench, and some smaller hand tools. As my eyes adjusted a little more to the dim lighting, I got a better look at the long silver table; there were stir-ups at one end� an exam table. Fear started welling up inside of me more and more, what kind of sick things did he intend to do to me? I could no longer hold back the tears. I sobbed thinking he was going to kill me. He nudged me with the blunt ended handle of his blade.

�Get the hell in there, my precious little fuck toy,� he said dauntingly.

I took a couple of steps forward as he kept thudding the handle of the knife in between my scapula�s, shoving me along. There was a divot in the cement floor and my heel caught in it. I stumbled forward and fell, scraping my knee on the abrasive floor.

�Priceless� now we really do have a reason to doctor you up, don�t we?� He said, as he took hold of my arm and helped me to my feet.

He must have pulled his gloves off, his fingers clutched hard and tight into my arm as he led me to the exam table. I could see the black hairs on his knuckles as the light reflected off the table the closer we got to it. His hands were smooth. I questioned as to whether or not this was his workplace. A man who uses those types of tools would not have such smooth, clean looking hands.

�Up you go, princess.� He shoved me hard as we approached the table.

I stumbled again and my hands fell hard onto the cold stainless steel on the table. I thought about losing my shoes and making a run for it, but I didn�t. I stepped onto that little black step, turned and sat on the table, just as I would if I were really at the doctor�s office. My nose was running again as I sat there topless except for my bra. I was cold and trembling, my fingers curled around the edge of the table, part of my exposed thighs warming the steel and robbing me of my body heat.

�Let�s make sure that cut on your knee doesn�t get infected first, shall we?� He pulled open a drawer on the table that happened to be on my left side. There were many medical supplies� tape, gauze, speculum (the older metal kind), and the bottle of alcohol that he was taking out. He closed the drawer before I could get a better look.

�Hold this.� He said handing me the bottle of alcohol.

My hands shook badly as I took the bottle from him, and held it in my lap, looking at it. He turned from me and walked over towards the workbench. His black T-shit was snug to his body, and neatly tucked into his black pants, a black leather belt around the waist, and black rugged boots. He had to be over six feet tall, his shoulders were wide and his arms looked slightly muscular. He looked back at me mid stride.

�Don�t try to run while my backs turned, I�ll be on you well before you make it to the door and you wouldn�t enjoy seeing me angry, my dear�

I could see his lips turn up into a smile before he turned and took a duffel bag from under the workbench. He turned sideways, keeping his eye on me while he opened it and fumbled through the contents, pulling out a small towel and a bottle of water. He picked up a stool from alongside the workbench and came back to the table, sliding the black step back into the table with is boot, while setting the stool down behind him.

�Princess� you are such a mess.� He set the towel and the water onto the stool, and turned around standing extremely close. His thighs pressing into my knees, I winced as his pants pressed into the cut. His hand came up around the bottom of my chin and forced me to look at his masked face. His fingers felt cold against my flushed face.

�You�d look prettier without all this black shit all over your face� Why are you crying, my dear?�

I watched as his eyes looked into mine, from one to the other. He brought his other hand up and wiped at my face a bit. I didn�t want to say anything and tried to look more at his neck than his eyes. I didn�t like the way they seemed to pierce right through me. His grip tightened on my chin while he brought his other hand down on the table next to my left thigh and leaned forward bringing his face about an inch from mine.

�You�ll look at me while I�m talking to you� do you understand?� his words weren�t harsh but they were firm.

I nodded as his eyes bore through mine, my bottom lip started to quiver and I sniffled.

�Why are you crying, my dear?�

I could feel his breath against my lips as he spoke. I wanted to rip my face away from his hand and just scream. �I�m scared,� my voice was tight and it cracked.

I felt his grip on my face loosen and he slid his hand down onto my shoulder, while his other wrapped around the small of my back. He pulled me in closely, smearing my messy face all over his T-shirt. I let go of the bottle of alcohol as he squeezed me. I could feel his chin resting on the top of my head.

�Oh my, my, my� yes� I imagine you would be scared wouldn�t you, princess? Look what I�ve done to you. I hope you will forgive me one day for putting you through this. I will tell you right now, my dear. I do not mean to harm you. If you are thinking I intend to rape and kill you, I assure you, I do not.�

His hands roamed up and down my back before he took hold of my shoulders and stepped back a little, looking at me.

�Let�s get you cleaned up a little.� I saw him smile again as he reached behind him and grabbed the towel and the water.

He picked up the alcohol, put it on the stool and then faced me again, while he poured some water onto the towel, wetting it amply before bringing it up to my face, wiping the tears and mascara from my face, as well as my nose. My arms were shaking as I placed my hands back around the edge of the table, next to my thighs. I prayed that he would just let me go.

�You�re looking better already, princess� you have the most beautiful eyes.� His voice was soft and tender as he finished cleaning my face.

I was feeling very confused and a little sick to my stomach. What did he want with me then? He set the towel onto my lap, and cupped his hands around the sides of my face; turning my face up.

�You�re so precious and so pretty.� he sighed heavily, as his warm fingers slid from my face.

He pulled the stool closer and sat on it. He pulled the towel from my lap and wet it again in a different spot. He started to dab my knee with it and I flinched.

�Shh�. You know this has to be done.� He started to press a little harder and wipe at the dirt.

My thighs started to tremble. I just wanted to go home. I would have been thankful to be anywhere else actually. I looked down at the top of his masked head while I watched him pick up the alcohol. I turned my head knowing the sting was coming. My leg jerked in reflex to the cold and the sting, he wiped at it quickly with the towel. The alcohol worked its way into the raw exposed flesh and I winced a little while he slipped off my heels, setting them on the floor.

I felt both of his hands on my bare thighs and my body tensed up even more. I turned my head back slowly looking at his hands. His fingers spread out and started to wrap around my legs as he roamed my thighs soft and slow. My heart started to race with fear as his fingers crawled up the inside of my thighs; my belly was trembling.

�Shh� my dear�. I am not hurting you, am I?�

�No,� I answered as quietly as I could. I didn�t want him touching me. I felt like I wanted to throw up. I watched as he pushed my skirt up, nudging me to wiggle my hips so that he could pull the fabric from under my ass as he pulled my skirt up around my hips. I heard him sigh as he peered at my crotch, hooking his fingers into the front of my panties and sliding them back and forth, rubbing the back of his fingers over my shaved mound. I was breathing more rapidly and all I wanted to do was kick him and run.

�These need to come off, my dear. It would be better if you could relax a little. I know you�re still going to be scared but it will be much better for you if you could at least try to relax. Move your hands back behind you on the edge of the table, and scoot your precious little ass to the bottom of the table.� He never took his fingers out of my panties while he waited for me to comply.

My arms were shaking as I placed them on the sides of the table behind me and lifted myself, scooting myself down to the edge of the table. He let go of my panties and was pulling out the stir-ups and angling them for my feet.

�Get them in here, precious, you know how this is done.� He took my left leg and helped me put it in the stir-up, and then the other. The tears were running down my face again.

�Lay back princess and please try to relax�it really is important. I wouldn�t want to hurt you because you got scared and flinched.� He pulled out a drawer in front of him, as I unwillingly lay back onto the cold table. I gasped as the cold hit my back. Tears ran from the corner of my eyes into my hair. I slid my arms to my side and held the edges of the table. A sob escaped from my lips and I could feel snot running down the back of my throat. My thighs were trembling badly as his fingers moved up my exposed calves and then to my thighs. He stood up between my legs and started to pull my panties down.

�Oh my�. You�re crying again, you�ve ruined all my hard work of cleaning you up.� He continued to pull my panties down, lifting my left leg out of the stir-up to pull them off and then left them around my ankle on my right foot. He rested his palms on my knees when he finished with my panties and sighed as he looked at my shaved sex, and then slowly walked his eyes up to my bra and cleavage, while his hands roamed up the inside of my thighs, his fingers came to rest in the crease of my trembling legs. His thumbs were lightly petting my soft pubic lips. �I know you�re scared, my dear. Please� try to relax.�

He pressed my inner thighs outwards with his elbows. I resisted until his elbows started to hurt my thighs and then I reluctantly let my legs fall open. My palms were clammy and cold as I continued to keep my fingers wrapped around the stainless steel. I felt like I wanted to throw up and I could feel the watery feeling in my mouth starting. �I�m going to be sick,� I said with urgency.

There wasn�t any time, I turned to my side pulling my left leg from the stir-up and vomited on the floor next to the table quite violently. I watched my abductor go back to his duffel bag and come back with a bottle of pills and a fresh bottle of water. I felt dizzy and my head was starting to hurt, as I lay leaned over the table. He approached the unsoiled side of the table and softly touched my shoulder.

�Sit up, my dear.� He helped me into a sitting position, and handed me the bottle of water. �You have let your fears and frets run away with you� You really need to calm yourself down and relax.� He was rubbing my shoulder and my back as he talked.

�These are Valium, I want you to take one of them� it�ll help you relax.� He took one of the tiny pills out and offered it to me on his outstretched palm. My body was trembling.

�I�m okay now.� I said softly.

His hand was still roving my back softly as I opened the water. As I was drinking, he unsnapped my bra� I dropped the water, and my body froze.

�You see, my dear; your actions speak louder than your words. You are NOT okay now. When I said I wanted you to take one of these�it was not an offer. It was an order.� He pushed the pill before my face.

I reluctantly took it, its bitterness dissolving almost instantly on my tongue. He started stroking my hair as he slipped the shoulder straps of my bra off. He pulled it down my arms and hung it on the stir-up next to my panties. He stood in front of me again placing both hands on my shoulders, pushing back a little. �Look at me.�

I looked up into his bright blue eyes. I saw him smile and then look down at my bare breasts.

�I realize that you have no reason to trust me.� He brushed my hair from my eyes, and wiped at the dark smudges under my left eye. �We really should get on with things, my dear, and get this part out of the way.� He cupped my face and pulled me towards him, kissing the top of my head tenderly through the mask.

�What part?� I asked in a whispered voice as he was sliding his hands from my face to my shoulders. My heart started to race as I anticipated his answer.

�The exam, my dear, I am sure you have had a few of them in your lifetime. Now lie back please and let�s try this again and please� do try to just relax.� He pushed back on my shoulders encouraging me as I unwillingly complied, putting my feet back into the stir-ups as my insides lurched within me. I stared up at the darkened ceiling, watching the shadows sway just a little as I listened to him open drawers and remove things from them. He took a seat back on his stool, placing his things on a pull-out part of the table under the left stir-up. I flinched when I felt his hand softly touching my sex.

The medication was starting to have its effects. My eyes felt heavy, and my body started to feel warm. He slid one of his fingers between my pubic lips. I gasped, feeling as though I wanted to start crying again.

�This might be just a little cold, precious.�

I felt the cool wet feeling of lubricant as he rubbed it lavishly between my labia. My body jerked and then he slowly worked two fingers into my soft fleshy inside. He pulled and pushed his fingers in and out several times, and then he pushed up hard on my urethral sponge, I gasped again, my insides tightening.

�Very nice, my dear,� his voice was low but the tone was different. He continued to massage and work on my g spot until my body started to secrete its own natural wetness. I didn�t feel aroused mentally. In fact I felt repulsed but my body was reacting, whether I liked it or not.

He stood up while still keeping his fingers inside of me. He looked down at my face, my eyes half closed as he curled his fingers and started working them firmly and more roughly against my g spot. �I am happy to see that you have started to relax, my dear. I want you to close your eyes now.�

He brought his other hand to my stomach as I closed my eyes. His hand roamed up my belly to the bottom of my breasts. He softly felt each one of them while he kept playing with my g spot. His fingertip rubbed very lightly over my nipple forcing it to become erect, and then did the same with the other. My breathing became deeper as he massaged and caressed my entire chest.

It seemed somehow less intimidating with my eyes closed as I mentally fought against the physical stimulation. My g spot was swelling and I could feel sharp little tingles in my clit. For a moment, I wanted to give way to the pleasure and pretend this was consensual. His fingers starting to pump up against my g spot faster. No, I won�t do it.

�Oh, my precious little flower, that�s it. Don�t deny yourself the pleasure� let me feel it. Give in and let your body enjoy this.� He whispered softly as he pinched my right nipple.

My body lurched and my grip on the table tightened, as I begrudgingly let out a groan. His fingers were rubbing my g spot harshly now and I could hear his breathing starting to change. I knew he was getting aroused.

He pressed firmly as he slid his hand in between my breasts and down my sternum to my stomach. His fingers went to the crease of my left leg while his thumb pressed firmly into my pubic bone, then he parted my lips and started to encircle my wet clit. I flexed my thighs, my hips rising as I bit my lip. Oh god. Please don�t do this to me.

�Come for me, precious� give in and let your body have what it desires.� He whispered so softly.

I was having a hard time trying to refuse it. It had been a couple of years since a man�s hands had touched me like this. I heard myself whimper and without realizing it my hips were rocking up and down in rhythm with his fingers inside me. This is so very wrong, what's wrong with me?

�That�s it, my beautiful little princess. Let me see and feel your pleasure.� He rubbed my clit faster and harder. What is it about his voice?

I squinted my eyes shut tighter, turning my head to the side. I couldn�t take any more of this, my mind was losing control the more I fought it and I was reaching climax even if it was against my will. I held back the soft moans that might have indicated I was enjoying this.

�Come for me� do it now.� His voice was low and excited. His fingers were working wildly to see come gush from my drooling sex. Tears were stinging my eyes as I moved my head from side to side. I don't want this.

My mind was fighting against my body, telling it not to give in. The physical action however, was more then I could bear as my g spot swelled to the point of hurting. I squeezed my eyelids tighter not wanting this to happen as my body begged its release. My heart was racing as my breath quickened.

�No� no �no,� I whispered.

Laurel Lasky on 03/23/2014 01:36pm
When you read this book you have to suspend your beliefs, staking, non consensual abduction and in three days after being a sex slave they are in love. Is it the Stockholm condition? Maybe. I am looking forward to part two.
Felicity Nichols on 12/19/2013 05:16pm
I first found La Cloutier through Spanking Romance's Wednesday Writing Prompt. I decided to go check out what she had and came across this story. I read a sample and was hooked. I loved the storyline and the characters. You were able to watch the character's progress through the story. This story is told in first person through Misty's eyes. She is a barmaid struggling to make ends meet trying to better herself by going to college. She is abducted by Robert and in three days time she has to make a decision. Misty is vulnerable and struggling to comprehend why someone would be apart of this lifestyle but finds herself her wanting more. She has this internal conflict that shows. Robert wants a new submissive, someone who doesn't know anything about the scene. At first he appears heartless and stern. He makes her his submissive, taking full control of her. Immediately, you can tell that he cares about her. The more he does with Misty the more he becomes protective. He grows to love her. My favorite scene in this story is when they have a talk about whether or not she'll stay. It is a genuine conversation full of heart. You can tell that their relationship has truly become one of a kind. Will she stay with Robert or will she run for the hills? Seduction: The Story of M is a gripping story that keeps you hooked from page one. I felt as if I were a shadow on the wall watching Misty and Robert's relationship grow. LA Cloutier is a new author and someone I will be reading more of. This story does contain BDSM elements and there is a power struggle but it is well written and an excellent read.
Joelle Casteel on 10/22/2013 01:55pm
LA had me from the introduction! From the blurb! I knew I was going to love this book! She calls it a thriller and oh man is it ever. I found myself holding my breath early in the book, wondering what going to happen to Misty next. I adored the book being written in her point of view, so as the reader, I could never know more than she did. Every time the abductor called her Princess, I bit with lip with the emotion he put into the word. The examination scene in the basement room was amazingly hot! It was a wild ride with Misty as he first gave her unimaginable amounts of pleasure- although not with her consent- and tender care (her surprise on that was touching). When they got to the hotel and her BDSM training started, well that's what I'd been waiting for. Then when he said 3 days and he'd let her go? Shudders! To have it go from a scary abduction, something temptingly dark to something almost consensual? Wow! And having her address him as Sir? I loved it! With books containing BDSM themes (whether fantastical or relentlessly real life, concerned with things like consent), I consider a book great if I wanted to argue with the dom and Ms. Cloutier certainly provided that for my reading pleasure in this book.
Cassie on 09/10/2013 11:33am
Did not care for this story. The editing was terrible (typos galore and some very odd word choices (‘he ordered her passively’, 'my face went stark’, ‘the restaurant was quite eloquent’ - I could go on...). But mostly, I didn’t like it because I didn’t like the ‘hero’. His motivation made no sense - I actually would have been able to like him, I think, if he’d been a stalker - that is, if he’d known her and watched her and thought she had submissive tendencies - but he just apparently picked her at random, which is, frankly, much ickier. I don’t buy that he turns suddenly into a nice guy after that beginning, and I’m not sure why the heroine should either. I don’t buy the 180 that either of them make (him into trustworthy - ha - or her into being okay with the whole thing and thinking he IS nice and trustworthy). Just didn’t work for me.
melissa on 08/25/2013 11:20am
This story was very intense from the very beginning. I was a little uncertain about the abduction due to working in psychology and the correctional setting. (a little close to home) However, after separating fantasy from reality, I enjoyed the story very much. I believe I started reading and didn't stop until it was over!
Karen on 06/22/2013 11:26am
This is a strong story. While I would never want myself or anyone I knew to be abducted this story draws you in. You quickly see the change in attitudes. Plus this is one hot story. And they do end up hitting it off.
S on 06/09/2013 10:38am
Mysty is abducted by a masked stranger and put through “slave training.” Good premise and enjoyed the first person narrative. But, how did Mysty arrive to her final conclusion—something missing perhaps? Oh, the three days? Believable? Well, think about it: stories about vampires, werewolves, space aliens/planets—a dichotomy--right, and somehow we believe? I really enjoyed this story. Rather harsh and hot! I wish there were better editing—words like: through/threw, literately/literally, their/there/they’re—I could go on—please learn the language better. However, with these faults a great read and would like more from this author.
Mellie on 06/08/2013 07:00pm
Very nice descriptive elements. I thoroughly enjoyed the story line and hope there will be a sequel.
Sandra on 06/08/2013 11:45am
Nice story line, never once did I say that isn't real -but as everyone else the 3 day time line was a bit rushed. But good story line, very very descriptive and enjoyable reading
Merna on 06/03/2013 10:12pm
Parts of this story were pretty hot, but I didn't like Robert. He was rude and used abusive language that was not called for.
Evelyn on 06/01/2013 05:26am
I would have liked this stroy if it had happened over a longer period of time cause then at least it could be a little believable. Interesting plot though and good characters, just seemed rushed.
Alicia on 05/31/2013 01:53am
Very good story but would have been more believable if this hadn't all happened in three days. Great characters though that made you want to keep reading.
anon on 05/30/2013 09:26am
I feel I've been walked through the training of a submissive/slave and I was fascinated. It sounds like an oxymoron, but Robert seemed to be gentle as he violently demanded responses from Misty. I don't know if any of this is accurate, but I believed it and that's a sign of good writing. I wondered if this could be accomplished in only three days.
TINA on 05/22/2013 02:03pm
I will read this again & again!
KArc on 05/20/2013 11:04pm
This is an interesting story of Misty who is abducted while walking home from work. Robert abducts Misty with the intention of turning her into his sexual slave. The story starts out rough; Robert uses a knife threatens physical harm and he backhands her a few times before she cooperates. In the end I liked the story but I hated his explanation of why he chose her. He told her he was looking for a young woman who was never exposed to the lifestyle. The fact that there wasn't even anything he liked about her struck me as colder than the abduction.
Vicki on 04/29/2013 07:46am
Missy is a bartender who is walking home and suddenly abducted. The man who kidnaps her has the intent of teaching her how to enjoy being a sex slave in 3 days. I liked the idea of the book, but it lacked something. Maybe the 3 days just felt like pushing it. However, it was a good read and well written.

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