Mariella Starr Full Circle
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Jaded by too many close calls in her professional life, Josie Raintree returns to her roots with dreams of a simpler, less complicated life.

Before long, she accepts the position of acting sheriff, but only until the mayor can find a replacement - something he doesn't try very hard to do. Ten months later, she is still the sheriff, but the quiet little town is shattered by a gruesome discovery!

Jack Rawlings grew up in Rawlings, Oklahoma, a community named for one of his distant ancestors. He'd known Josie when they were children, although she was eight years younger than he was, and he had often found himself the target of her many hair-brained pranks. Now he is back, retiring from a military career and looking for something - he isn't even sure what. When he meets up again with Josie Raintree, he is dazed, for she has grown into a stunning, capable, determined woman - one he wants to possess and protect. He'd even put up with the smart-mouthed twelve-year-old she's determined to adopt, if it could mean a future with her by his side.

As the body count increases, Josie makes a startling observation about the victims, and Jack has his work cut out for him if he's to be successful in keeping her safe long enough to marry her.

Mariella Starr

Full Circle

Published by: Blushing Press

©2014 by Blushing Books® and Mariella Starr
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A reader:

This book is amazing. The plot is multi-layered and engaging with enough detail to make it real. There are so many things happening, each drawing out different emotions. The story was heartwarming, funny, sensual, maddening, and suspenseful all at the same time, or so it seemed. I was lost in the book completely and the characters became real people. I had to keep reading as I had many unanswered questions and nothing was predictable. The mystery of the identity of the villain left me unsure until the end, which wrapped up everything very nicely. This one is definitely in the must read category.

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A reader:

I really liked this story. I thought it was cute that the hero and heroine knew each other when they were both young. The heroine was very confident and self assured, and I loved that she was a foster mom. The hero coming back to town after years away and dealing with his past was well done. And on top of that they\'re working together to solve a murder case. A really enjoyable book.

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A reader:

I absolutely adored everything about this book! I am so excited every time a new book is released by this author because her books are so well written, they always have a very detailed plot and they always have some length to them. The characters have a ton of back story so it makes them believable and you easily become invested. There is literally something for everyone in this book, so quit reading this, buy it and enjoy the read. When you finish this one I would recommend you read her others as well, you will be very glad you did!

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A reader:

4 ½- 5 stars&newline&This was a keeper. Josie was a child that had a sad childhood. Jack was a man that always tried to steer Josie in the right direction. They are all grown up now and returned to their old home town. Both had baggage that could destroy them. But it was a nice love story. Jack, of course is a dominant and he will not take any gruff from Josie. Josie is the sheriff and has become a tough woman having been undercover for the Government. She is not used to taking direction.&newline&&newline&What I loved about this story is that it was a mystery, an FBI thriller, and a spanking novel all in one. The story could stand on its own. It was detailed and it led you (with a few red herrings) trying to find out where the serial killer was and who it was. Josie was a strong woman trying to raise a foster child. Jack had his own problems, but he truly loved Josie. I wish they had gotten into Jack more deeply, but I really enjoyed this one. It had a happy ending and it kept you on the edge of your seat.&newline&

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