Loki Renard Federal Discipline
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Jaime Black is excited to begin her first assignment as an FBI agent. A letter of acceptance from case agent Jack Harley represented a life-long dream achieved, the nexus of a thousand threads of effort. It was one thing to graduate from the FBI academy. It was something else to get an appointment like the one she'd managed to snag.

Agent Jack Harley has a Scottish background; he was certain that Jaime was a man's name when he selected his new rookie assistant from the pile of applications for the coveted position. Because the cases he takes on tend to be dangerous, involving violent criminals, he has always hired males. When Jaime suggests that he is biased and then promptly gets into trouble in the office, Jack is forced to balance a desire to spank her for her cheeky attitude and a reluctance to ruin her career by using her poor judgment as a reason to free himself from his mistake.

Instead, he gives her tasks that are mind numbing or stomach turning hoping she will apply for a transfer. As Jaime deals with each new challenge and the occasional spanking, their current case advances and it quickly becomes apparent that she has caught the attention of the murderer. Jack needs to keep her close for her protection, a difficult task when Jaime is the best candidate to go undercover and infiltrate a cult in search of the new drug that seems to be behind the murders.

Loki Renard

Federal Discipline

Published by: Blushing Press

©2014 by Blushing Books® and Loki Renard
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A reader:

This is a fantastic book which comes as no surprise, I absolutely loved it! I read it in one sitting, just sayin\' The plot and characters are strong and you are drawn in from page one. Once again, Ms. Renard, takes you on a sizzling adventure! I could see this book becoming a series, hint hint, and I, for one, would love to visit with Jaime and Jack again :) Very well done again Ms. Renard!! Quit reading here and buy the book, you know you want to!!!

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A reader:

I adore Loki Renard books and I am adding this one to the list. Loki\'s books take you on a wild ride of hot adventure. There is romance, mystery, suspense, hot sex and lots of spanking. I hope there is a sequel because I would love to see what happens with Jaime and Jack.

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A reader:

Action romance and suspense is every where in this story as the Hero and heroine take you on a adventure This is a great read the plot is well written and easy to follow along it was hard to put down as you wonder what will happen next If you like your men strong and sweet you will love our Hero even when he does have to take the feisty sweet heroine over his knee

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A reader:

This is a fantastic fast-paced thriller with a very, very sexy dominant hero, Jack Harley. I mean sure, he must break every workplace conduct regulation in existence when he decides to spank his new rookie every time she screws up. But he\'s just so very *good* at that sort of thing - he\'s all stern looks, barked orders and underlying compassion. I really, really liked him. Especially the bit when he takes Jamie back to his place for her first proper over-the-knee spanking. I could read that bit again and again.&newline&&newline&The couple continue to smash their way through the HR Good Practice handbook as their relationship progresses past well-deserved discipline. Meanwhile, they solve a series of murders by infiltrating an shadowy cult. To be honest, I normally prefer my spanking romance without the high body count. But for a hero as sexy as Jack Harley, I\'m happy to go along with it.

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