Patricia Green Eddie, My Love: Romantek, Book Three
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Willow Camber wants to get away from it all. Her business has taken over her life, and none of the men she's dated recently want her as a person rather than as a mega-corp. Her vacation plan is a time-travel, virtual reality trip into a film noire mystery--Bogie and Bacall writ large and in color- -so different from the twenty-second century life she currently leads.

Eddie Reston needs a break from his hectic life, away from his nagging ex-wife. His passion is old novels about hard-boiled detectives of the 1950s. A Romantek virtual reality vacation is just the ticket for a guy like him, more an early Charles Bronson than a Cary Grant.

When Willow and Eddie meet to solve a murder mystery, their attraction is instant, even though Willow sometimes needs active correction. But Romantek forbids them to give away their true names during the vacation, so they can't pair up in their own century. They struggle to find a way, but it remains elusive. Can Eddie and Willow cheat the Romantek system and set up a real life meeting, or will their new found love be lost when reality intrudes?

Patricia Green

Eddie, My Love: Romantek, Book Three

Published by: Blushing Press

©2014 by Blushing Books® and Patricia Green
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A reader:

Another \"winner\" from Patricia Green,&newline&Willow loves watching film noire and signs up for a virtual reality time travel trip to the 1950\'s and a murder mystery where she is an investigator along with Eddie to solve the crime. This story has adventure, suspense, mystery, danger, romance and lots of spanking and hot sex. As usual, this is well written with great character development, excellent plot and a really fun read.

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A reader:

This is such a fun story and I think it is my favorite story int he Romantek series so far. In this book Willow is dreaming of her favorite time period, the 20th Century in the 50\'s. She is out to solve the mystery of what really happened for the insurance company she \"works\" for. She wakes up in the office of Eddie Strong PI. He seems to fit the 50\'s tough guy persona perfectly, right down to spanking naughty insurance investigators. This is a great look at over-the-top nostalgia seen through the perspective of old movies and books. The mystery they are solving is intriguing and the romance is great. Lots of great elements in this story.

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A reader:

I had a hard time getting into this book in the beginning. There was a lot of set up and it didn’t grab my interest. But, when we finally got to the interactions between Eddie and June, my interest was grabbed. I liked the way June stood up to Eddie, even though that wasn’t the way it was in that time. I like the concept that you can live a fantasy for a period of time and then go back to your real life. Now, I think that in real life, no woman would be able to take three spankings in a day and still be able to sit. But, June did. While all this is going on, the real woman, Willow, is falling in love with Eddie. I like this series of books. I can’t wait until the next book comes out. 4 stars

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A reader:

Wow! This was my first introduction to the Romantek series. I’ve love all of P.G.’s books. I think I’ve found a new series to investigate. This book had the perfect blend. Time travel, virtual reality, contemporary sample a historical setting. Willow is overdue for a vacation and ultimately ends up traveling back to 1950 to help solve a mystery. She meet’s Eddie and together they embark on a humorous romantic journey packed with spankings. I only wish it would’ve been longer.

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