Jennie May Dr. Cora's Clinic: An Age-Play Medical Fantasy
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Dr. Cora has a special relationship with grown-up little boys and girls. She has opened a medical clinic where age play Mommies and Daddies can take their Littles for check-ups, vaccinations and to be treated for illnesses.

Dr. Cora and her two nurses are compassionate care givers, but they are also strict. They only give shots and take temperatures in the bottom, and they don't hesitate when a spanking is needed.

Dr. Cora is fulfilled by her practice, but there is a void in her life. Can Dr. Cora continue with her career and find her own special relationship at the same time?

Jennie May

Dr. Cora's Clinic: An Age-Play Medical Fantasy

Published by: Blushing Press

© 2014 by Blushing Books Jennie May
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Number of Chapters: 9 Chapters / 31,000 Words -




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A reader:

Dr. Cora helping keep \"littles\" healthy&newline&This is a book that has nine different stories all revolving around Dr. Cora\'s medical practice for \"Littles\" and keeping them healthy. Her medical practice caters only to grown up little boys and girls and their health needs. She has nurses Lola and Jim to assist in the care of their little patients and Mommies and Daddies. I thought the story was well constructed and had various medical situations for both male and female \"littles\" and dealing with their Bigs. It covered discipline, immunization, diaper training, faking sickness with punishment, actual illness behavior and even Dr. Cora finding her own little girl

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A reader:

I would have liked this book a lot more if Cora had gotten more page time finding her little. I loved the sweetness between the two of them and wished for more.&newline&&newline&I find medical play hot and this book did not disappoint. I enjoyed reading about the flu shots, temperature checks - always accurate, and some other embarrassing procedures. &newline&&newline&I did not enjoy the harshness that sometimes bordered on cruel with the way the mommies and daddies treated their littles. I don\'t believe it\'s that way outside of a book, but I don\'t venture into age play novels much for this reason.&newline&&newline&I feel I have to mention the awfulness of the cover though. Cora looks like a twelve year old wearing her father\'s medical coat and the patient in the background is out of proportion. Just awful for how good the story was. Readers really do judge by a cover, so please consider revising it!&newline&&newline&Overall I will try another book by this author and would recommend to anyone into medical play or age-play. Four stars.

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A reader:

Very disappointed. not what I expected.

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A reader:


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