Clint Callen Domestic Discipline Boot Camp: A How-To Guide


Blushing Books' Disclaimer: This book, published by the owner of the Learning Domestic Discipline Website and blog, reflects the opinions and philosophies of the author. It advocates domestic discipline from what the author describes as a Christian perspective, and this book features a multi-day "boot camp" approach that relies very heavily on spanking, some of which is severe. This book's pricing is set by the author, and is intentionally high to discourage the casual purchaser. This title is not for everyone.

From the author: Living the domestic discipline lifestyle isn't always easy. There are many challenges couples face when living the lifestyle, and often times these challenges are very difficult to overcome. Domestic discipline boot camp takes these challenges head on in an effort to establish organization, structure, and consistency in a domestic discipline relationship/marriage.

In boot camp, there are a number of exercises - both punishment exercises and written exercises - that are designed to define the roles of each partner and enhance important relationship components such as intimacy, communication, and trust. Boot camp establishes clear expectations of each partner, and addresses common domestic discipline problems such as inconsistency in the head of the household and regular defiance from the submissive partner.

Boot camp challenges a couple to think a little deeper about their relationship, and the direction of their relationship. It puts a couple outside of their comfort zone at times, and challenges each partner to address their own personal faults that may be causing turbulence in the relationship. Boot camp basically "whips the relationship into shape," so to speak, in an effort to get it on a healthy, happy, and harmonious path heading into the future.

Clint Callen

Domestic Discipline Boot Camp: A How-To Guide

Published by: Learning DD Publication

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A reader:

I agree with WH. If this is the author’s idea of a loving and caring marriage based on respect and cherishment, I feel sorry for his wife. The punishments and ‘lessons’ are way too severe and unwarranted. This book has extreme subject matter and components that are more BDSM or Master/slave.

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A reader:

This book provides an outline for implementing an intense DD (Domestic Discipline) experience which is intended to immerse both husband and wife into their perspective lifestyle roles. It was quite long when one considers the amount of information that is actually given. It could have been much more succinct. Yet, it would not have made a book - but rather a 3-6 page essay. &newline&&newline&I was interested in the idea of DD Boot Camp, even though it sounded a bit scary to me as a wife in a DD marriage. We have been practicing DD for over 14 years and I was hoping to jump start DD again since life had gotten in the way of consistency. We chose not to use this model or engage in a DD Boot Camp. My husband did not feel that the author\\\'s advise was coming from a place of experience or love.&newline&&newline& I should have been tipped off about how this book would be written, and the personality of the author, when I read the book description. The book description says that the price was intentionally high to discourage the casual purchaser. How sanctimonious is this guy? I think that the price is high so that he can make money. Then, I found that this book\\\'s material can be found for FREE in a number of locations, and that DD boot camp is NOT a concept created by this author. Evidentially, it was popular about 7 years ago and was circulated around the Internet. I feel so cheated and I want to warn other people so that they are not cheated. This is really dishonest!!! .............................................................................................................................................................................................................................. WHERE IS THE FREE INFO?????????????????? Try typing dd bootcamp revealed into your search engine. Lots of free info out there! Hope you find it.

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A reader:

Read this, but must admit I had a hard time getting through it. I was looking for some new and useful knowledge of this lifestyle. However, I cant say I found much if anything at all. All I can say is if this is this authors view of something meant to be loving and helpful to a marriage, then I feel sorry for his wife. His punishments and \\\'lessons\\\' are harsh and unnecessary. I asked my husband to read it, mainly for the male opinion. He was very disappointed that CDD or LDD was given such a bad name. We both felt this book extreme and contained elements more fitting to BDSM than DD. I am now wondering if the author has more of a slave type relationship with his spouse. If so, I think he should have stated this upfront.&newline&

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A reader:

Very harsh book. I’m not feeling any love for the poor sub in this book (which is VERY overpriced and could have been a pamphlet). The content is all about training and BDSM elements to extreme submission, where the wife has no rights, opinions and is made to feel like chattel. There’s no information on how the dom can improve. VERY one sided and misleading. This is not DD this is sub training for master/slave or BDSM. Definitely not what the title suggests.

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