Zoe Blake Disciplining the Maid
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From best-selling age play author Zoe Blake comes a new glimpse into a Victorian world of complete sexual dominance and submission.

For wealthy and worldly Lord Stockton, there has been no shortage of mistresses available to grace his bed and offer him the one thing he demands - sexual submission.

But this handsome member of the Victorian ton wants something deeper. He wants the kind of total submission that only a complete innocent can offer, and the experienced mistresses fall short of giving him what he most desires - complete mastery over every facet of their lives in and out of the bedchamber.

Lily has never had a real home. Raised in an orphanage, she enters service at an early age and has managed to avoid lecherous employees and footmen to come into Lord Stockton's service as an unspoiled beauty ripe for the taking.

Lord Stockton knows Lily is the one to give him what he wants. And his offer to give her the paternal love and guidance she missed growing up in exchange for her submission is an appealing offer. But is a young maid strong enough to enter into the deeply submissive state a man like Lord Stockton demands?

To truly become his, Lily must submit every part of her body for his use, dress in immature clothing, and turn her back on adulthood forever. Even more trying, she must accept sexual pain, pleasure and punishment in doses she never thought possible to endure. Yet as Lord Stockton trains his young maid, he finds himself enduring his own vulnerability as he loses his heart to the woman he's vowed to control.

Zoe Blake's detailed descriptions of sexuality and discipline make "Disciplining the Maid" more than just an erotic read. Readers will feel as if they are in Lily's place as the sexual tension and raw emotion of her transformation comes to the most fulfilling climax you'll find in any age play novel this year.

Zoe Blake

Disciplining the Maid

Published by: Blushing Press

©2014 by Blushing Books® and Zoe Blake
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A reader:

I was so happily surprised by this book! I found myself feeling exactly what Lily felt, and was surprised to find myself so engrossed in this book. I could not put it down, and found myself pondering some of the scenes to the point that I had to reread it the next day because I was just loving replaying the scenes in my head so much. Lily is sweet, and a complete innocent. She is also an orphan, and has never had attention showed to her. It is this attention, the desire to be noticed, that allows her to come to grips with all that her employer/Papa is asking of her. In his need to control her, he does not realize how much he is meeting her needs to be loved in cared for, because she never has been. I simply loved this book, and will be reading it again.

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A reader:

Wow, what a story. This is an ageplay story, but there is consent in this one. I found that I liked knowing that Lily was given the choice of being with Lord Stockton. Lily starts off in Lord Stockton’s house as a maid. On her first day there, she is given two enemas, to wash out the nastiness of the London streets, and a bath where everything is washed. By the time the bath ended, Lily was exhausted. But, the next day she starts as Lord Stockton’s maid. We learn that Lord Stockton is interested in having Lily as his little one. He starts right away with training her. Eventually, there is a HEA, but there are trials and tribulations on the way there. This is a wonderful story. I really like to read ageplay and this is very good. Zoe Black has taken these stories to a new height. I can’t wait to read what she has for us next! I give this 5 stars!&newline&

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A reader:

This was a different spin on age play. Lilly catches the notice of the Lord of the house who is use to getting whatever he desires. He decides he desires Lilly who is not use to the attention she receives as she was a former orphan and soaks up the new specialized attention like a sponge. This was an entertaining read.

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A reader:

Lily is a young, orphan girl who is hired as a maid for Lord Stockton’s household, but is immediately prepared to be the lord’s “little”. Stockton delights in training her to please him in his bed and her nursery. Lily accepts her role realizing, in this time period, that she really has little choice. Luckily, she finds she enjoys being a “little”. Her body enjoys the things Stockton does to it. Add to that, Stockton realizes he has fallen helplessly in love with his little girl and marries her. It all works out happily ever after to the delight of all. Blake did a good job of walking the reader through the mindset of the time period a so the reader can easily accept Stockton's method of training. I feel it is a much better story than Blake’s Submission.

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