Robin Smith Digging Up Bones


"Good guess, but wrong. Right now, we've got to get your spanking done so we still have daylight in which to set up your tent. Come on over."

Kasia had taken half a step forward purely on auto-pilot before the meaning of those words, of one word in particular, sank all the way in. She stopped cold, ran the last few remarks back through her brain, decided she hadn't heard him right, and said, "Could you repeat that, please?"

"You break the rule s and you get a spanking," Ez said, quite calmly. "I told you that on the way up.

"You were serious?!" She started backing up.

"One of those rules was the prohibition of swearing," Ez continued implacably. "You agreed to my conditions, you even repeated it back to me so I'd know you knew what you were agreeing to. And then you cussed at me twice. Now the first time...I can overlook that one because you were a little upset--"

"Buster, you have no idea what upset is!" she snarled.

"Drop that attitude." He didn't raise his voice, he only stopped smiling, and that was enough to let the air out of Kasia's outrage. "This is not an argument. This is how it's going to be."

He wasn't menacing her. He wasn't really threatening her. Kasia was at an utter loss to know how to deal with him. She couldn't keep backing up, because he wasn't pursuing her. She couldn't shout at him, because he wasn't shouting back. He was just standing there, acting like he was being perfectly logical, and forcing Kasia to try and battle him with reason.

"You can't spank me," she said finally. "I'm a grown woman."

"Yes, you are and yes, I can. And you can quit that," Ez added as Kasia took another reflexive step backward. "I'm not going to chase you down. I'm going to stand right here and you are going to bend over this generator and accept just and reasonable chastisement in accordance with the nature of your infraction so we can move on to the matter of your tent while we still have daylight."

Robin Smith

Digging Up Bones

Published by: Blushing Press

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A reader:

This is a very good story that was very realistic and emotional. The characters feel real and there reactions to the situations in the book are very funny at times. There is also an evil nemesis that flows right into the plot andd really moves things along.

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A reader:

story is all over the place

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A reader:

Enjoyed this story tremendously, the author takes you on a wonderful ride into an archeological world of intrigue. The characters bring heart and humor to the story making you root for the good guys and boo the bad guys.

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A reader:

One of the best erotic stories I ever read. The story line was great. You come to love the characters and hope the best for them.

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