Courage Knight Cupid's Wager
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Fifty, sixty swats! Surely the man was insane! How could he keep doing this to her? How could he keep hurting her, when he claimed he loved her? He was crazy! She was crazy! This was wrong, so wrong!

And then at last he stopped.

Larissa coughed and gasped, unable to move. Marco lifted her, settling her on his lap and held her close. She could feel his heart beating... fast and hard. His shirt felt sweat-damp, and she glanced up, expecting to see sweat across his brow. What she did see so surprised her that she was stunned. It was tears, not sweat that trailed down his face. Tears had dampened his shirt. He was weeping almost as hard as she was. She threw her arms around his neck and sobbed for all the pain he had caused. She sobbed for the horrible last two days... starting with the thugs who had accosted her. She sobbed for all the pretty things Marco had told her, because she hadn't believed him. And she sobbed because, as foolish as it sounded, she loved him.

"I pray, my sweet, that I never have cause to punish you like that again," he whispered.

She hoped so, too. "Now, let me take you home. Perchance after a rest, you'll feel well enough to accompany me for dinner."

She just nodded. It was the safest thing to do. She'd agree to anything he said. She'd let him comfort her, and feed her, and even make love to her. And then tomorrow she'd have to make sure that he never found her again.

Courage Knight

Cupid's Wager

Published by: Blushing Press

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I hate Valentine's Day!

Number of Chapters: Seven - Word Count: 29338




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A reader:

Very cute story with just the right amount of romance and mischief to keep you reading. Very fun read even though it is on the short side.

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A reader:

This is the fourth story by Knight and the first one I have enjoyed. The idea of gods playing with mortals is not new, but gods getting in trouble playing with mortals is fun. Mars is all powerful and heavyhanded. For him to suffer adds to the fun. It\\\'s a quick, light read. Good for the season.

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A reader:

Cute, sweet, romantic story of a girl who gets more than she bargained for when she unwittingly falls for a God -a real God from Mount Olympus. And, then the sparks fly!

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A reader:

This book is OK, kind of cute. I liked the character Larissa and Mars is OK. Mars is overly strict for a new relationship – protective is one thing but Mars is over dominant, smacks to close to being a over-controlling psycho.

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