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Enjoy Season Three in two unique box sets. In the First Collection, you’ll find the following amazing books.

Thianna D.’s His Damsel in Distress

You’ve known the name Corbin’s Bend for a while - now meet the man it was named after.

After having his trust ripped to shreds by his deceased wife, Corbin has no intention of ever giving his heart away again. Until he rescues the same damsel in distress twice. Zinnia is on the run from the paparazzi and a crazed stalker and while she just wants to hide, Corbin brings her out of her shell.

With his damsel in distress once again, this time Corbin has to call on others to help. Will he and Zinnia get their happily ever after or will his rescuing days be through? If the stalker has his way, their happiness is about to end.

Maggie Ryan’s Ever Lasting Hope

Everleigh Harris throws herself into everything she does. Unfortunately it tends to affect her health as she forgets to take care of herself. Her fiance Rob is intent on making sure that does not happen again. Unfortunately with wedding plans in full bloom, she quickly turns into a bridezilla. When Rob suggests a new project to keep her mind off things, he doesn’t quite expect what happens next.

Rayanna Jamison’s Ginger Up

After a difficult delivery and birth of her daughter, control freak Ginger Davies, is losing control. She cares only for the care of her daughter and has no time or energy for anything else. Her home, business, and relationships are suffering.

Her husband Beau has been content to take a break from domestic discipline to give Ginger the time and space she needs to recover, but when she starts a fire that endangers the lives of not only her and her daughter but many of their family and friends, Beau knows he has to intercede. Can he get through the walls Ginger has up and teach her a much needed lesson in balance and control before it’s too late?

Maggie Ryan’s An Author’s Angst

As an author, Venia relies on her muse to help her write. Unfortunately when her muse takes a vacation without asking, she’s stuck trying to write a book against a tight deadline on her own. At her age, she doesn’t expect to find love again but catches the eye of local Jeffrey Humphries.

The two meet and it doesn’t take long for Venia to discover that the man is no pushover. He has definite ideas about what makes a book worth reading and has no hesitation in making his point even if it means turning the tables on Venia. Venia is a bit shocked to discover the man has a way with words himself and has to decide if the price of breaking through her writer’s block is worth the angst of loving another man who is ready, willing, and, oh so very able to turn her over his knees. Will she accept the new words he wishes to write upon her heart - and her backside?

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Corbin's Bend, Season Three - First Collection

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Number of Chapters: 4 full-length novels / 190,000 Words -


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