Eslynne Miller Cidy's Tanning
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Felicidy is a modern woman who knows what she wants. Her wants are pretty simple, too - all she wants is a successful business, and a husband who's authority she can lean on. Having no prospects on the husband front doesn't deter her from chasing the first part of her dream. However, she finds that running a leatherworking shop, all alone, turns out to be more than she can handle. But when the writing shows up on the wall, so does a mysterious helper. Can she trust him with her shop... and herself?

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Eslynne Miller

Cidy's Tanning

Published by: Blushing Press

©2014 by Blushing Books® and Eslynne Miller
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Can she trust him with her shop... and herself?

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A reader:

This is a very interesting version of The shoemaker and the elves. First we have Felicidy. She wants a D/s lifestyle, but doesn’t have anyone to take the dominant role for her. So, she borrows her friend Sarah’s husband, Tony. In fact, that’s how the story starts, with Cidy getting a birthday spanking from Tony. There a few times in the story that Tony spanks Cidy for disciplinary reasons as well. Anyways, Cidy owns a shop that designs and sells leather items. She gets behind and one night she leaves the pieces that she has cut on the work bench. When she comes back the next day, the pieces are completed. This continues until one day, she hides out to see who or what is doing the leather work and sees Camaen. Camaen is a full grown adult male. But, he works naked. Camaen and Cidy start talking and eventually, after Cidy does something wrong, they start a disciplinary relationship that eventually turns to more. I enjoyed this book and I give it 4 stars.&newline&

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A reader:

This was a delightful adult version of the shoemaker and the elves. There was a hunky male elf and a pretty woman who is the shoemaker and she makes special shoes and falls behind her orders because she is trying to do it all. She has some close friends who are in a domestic discispline lifestyle. This book has a bit of everything, romance, mystery, fantasy and spanking. A fun read.

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A reader:

I really enjoyed this book. Cidy is a woman that wants the D/s relationship. She wants to be on her own and do what she loves which is leather work. Her friends are worried about her health mentally and physically when she opens a leather shop. She tends to push herself too much. Like the old stories of Grimm, a mysterious visitor helps her sew her leather work nightly. Who is he? Why does he help her? &newline&This was a fun read. There was sex without marriage. There were spankings with strap, and hand and belt. It is a love story with a happy ending. &newline&

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A reader:

Great story that incorporates a fairy tale and it is nicely done! Modern mixed with fantasy made for a fun read! Thoroughly enjoyed it!

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