Zoe Blake Chosen To Be His Little Angeline
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Claimed by a powerful lord who chose to make her his little one. She was never given a choice. Naive and innocent, Angeline agrees to attend an infamously risque house party full of the ton's elite. All the common seamstress knows is it is finally a chance for a grand, passionate adventure.

Lord Blackhurst felt a fierce need to possess and protect the child-like woman from the moment he laid eyes on her. After learning she is brought to the party to be a "virgin" sacrifice for the amusement of the other guests, he seizes her as his own. When Angeline insists on placing herself at risk by foolishly engaging in some of the naughty pursuits of the party, Blackhurst takes her, against her will, to his country estate.

Forced into a nursery, Angeline is subjected to daily enemas, diapers, spankings and dreaded training sessions in Papa's play room. Can she learn to love this powerful lord and his need to master her through submission?

Zoe Blake

Chosen To Be His Little Angeline

Published by: Blushing Press

©2015 by Blushing Books® and Zoe Blake
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A reader:

Zoe Blake does it again! I found myself being drawn into the world of Angeline and Lord Blackhurst and not wanting it leave. Young Angeline – the seamstress - is so innocent and naïve that she could not have expected what had been planned for her by the elite and scandalous social circle in which she finds herself one evening. Thank goodness for Lord Blackhurst, who recognizes that Angeline is bound to be harmed and left in shame without someone stepping in to help. While I was glad he stepped up to help her – he did have his selfish reasons because he wanted take her as his own. Lord B. decides that he wants to make Angeline his little – and he has no problem setting her along the path he has chosen for her. There were some non-consensual elements in this story – especially in these beginning stages. I would classify this book as a combination spanking and age-play novel. &newline&Please note that this reviewer was provided with an advance review copy of the book in exchange for an honest review. &newline&

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A reader:

This is the fourth story by Blake where the strong male chooses his little/woman without consulting her. As in the other stories, all works out to a happy relationship. This time Angeline finds out that something for nothing can be an awful lot. She finds herself out of her element at a weekend party being rescued by Lord Jasper who then decides to keep her for himself. He proceeds to train her to be the little he has always wanted, forcing her to discover her true self. As usual, the story ends with a wedding and I still would like to read more about their lives together. I also want the full story of Lord and Lady Fairfax, please.

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A reader:

I enjoyed this story. I usually enjoy the stories by Zoe Blake. Angeline is a very sheltered naïve girl for being in the servant class. When she is expected to be the virgin sacrifice at a country party for the Ton, she finds herself in over her head. Lord Blackhurst decides that he wants her and takes her away. Again, Angeline finds herself in a difficult situation. He decides that she is going to be his little, whether she wishes it or not. It starts out non-consensual, but eventually, Angeline comes to crave her Papa’s attention. There are enemas, diapers, and lots of spankings. I highly recommend this story. I give this 4 stars.

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A reader:

Angeline is a poor girl who has been thrust into a situation she doesn\'t even understand. But luckily for her Jasper has decided to put her under his protection. His Lordship is drawn to her and isn\'t afraid to do whatever is needed to keep her safe. I like that while he also make sure to do right by her in all the way that matter.

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