Patricia Green Charlotte & the Pirate: Romantek Book Two
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Charlotte Darrell is ugly, scarred and damaged both inside and out. Her only hope is to buy a Romantek dream vacation and hope that their rejuvenation process can heal her horrid blemish and restore her life back to what it was before her accident. But her virtual reality dream isn't all she expected.

Rex Boyd is a counter cyber-terrorism expert, working for Romantek. The company is aware that someone is trying to break into their operations and terrorize paying customers. Rex hopes to protect one of the most vulnerable, the rich and influential Marie Carthage.

Once in the dream, fighting the terrorist who has gotten access to Romantek's system, Rex finds the situation confounded by Charlotte's presence. Is she a paying customer like Marie, or is she part of the terrorist's network, there to do harm to Marie and start a firestorm of lawsuits that would bankrupt Romantek? And how will he ever reconcile his feelings for her with his suspicions?

Charlotte finds herself in love and in danger. The dream has become a nightmare, and there doesn't seem to be a path toward happiness.

Patricia Green

Charlotte & the Pirate: Romantek Book Two

Published by: Blushing Press

© 2014 by Blushing Books Patricia Green
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Number of Chapters: 6 Chapters / 28,000 Words -




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A reader:

I really enjoyed this book for many different reasons. First of all I loved Charlotte with all the parts of her personality! The way she felt about her scar and how it defined her as a person made my heart break. Then there was Rex! Perfect alpha male&semi& kind and gentlemanly, but not about to take any of Charlotte\'s sassiness! Great spankings!! And, there was a great plot that kept me turning the pages because I couldn\'t wait to find out what would happen next!

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A reader:

This second edition to the Romantek series is even better than the first. Charlotte signs up for a virtual-reality-dream vacation. While her body rests in nanite gel, her brain goes on vacation and her body heals and rejuvenates. Her biggest hope is that this vacation will heal the scar on her face. From the beginning things are not going quite right but Charlotte doesn\'t know why. Captain Rex Masters knows why and is trying to keep everyone safe while an angry employee attacks Romantek\'s programming. Rex is my favorite character. He is a strong, intelligent, caring, dominant man who gives 100% of himself in all that he does. Though I found Marie to be a bit of an airhead, she did provide some comic relief and I liked that Charlotte had a friend to share her adventures with.

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A reader:

I love science fiction! Patricia Green’s second book in her Romantek series, blends science fiction, action and spanking romance, perfectly. While this is the second in the series, you don’t have to read the first to understand the story. Ms. Green does a great job of explaining the premise of the series, making this a possible standalone.&newline&&newline&(This series kind of reminds me of Total Recall. I loved the premise of immersing in a gel, and having a vacation or adventure embedded into your mind!)&newline&&newline&What I liked even more about this second book, was the flawed characters.&newline&&newline&Charlotte is a beautiful woman on the inside and out, strong in character and mind, she is amazing – but she has a physical flaw, a scar on her face, which has scarred more than just her body.&newline&&newline&She uses an inheritance to take part in a Romantek dream vacation , hoping that the regenerative properties of the gel will heal her scar.&newline&The adventure is just an afterthought, so she pays no attention to what trip she is given.&newline&But when she finds herself immersed in a world of pirates, fighting, romance, and good old fashioned bottom warming, she finally sees she is in for more than she bargained for.&newline&&newline&Especially when handsome, Captain Rex takes her onto his boat, and spanks her bottom.&newline&&newline&I love the romance between these two&semi& the flaws that they both fight&semi& the depth of emotions that they both show.&newline&They are wonderful together!&newline&&newline&There was also a good bit of action and mystery, in the introduction of an antagonist, a terrorist with his sights set on revenge against Romantek. And Charlotte and Rex are in the middle it all.&newline&&newline&I loved this story!&newline&&newline&I can’t wait to read book three!

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A reader:

A Sci-Fi Fantasy story based upon the Romantek Company that provides adventures for their guest aboard a ship. The passengers are placed in a gel and go into a dream mode during the voyage where they live out fantasies. But Romantek also boast of being able to heal some people from scars and imperfections. Charlotte had been in an accident that took the lives of both her parents and had left her with scars on her face. After inheriting from her late Aunt, she decided that she would invest her money in a Romantek adventure and heal the scares. She was vague on what type of adventure and ended up on a Pirate ship. &newline&A disgruntled former Romantek Programmer who had been fired was doing his best to sabotage the dream of Marie, a wealthy woman, in hopes of her suing and destroying Romantek. He managed to get into the dreams and alter the situations of her adventure and put the entire company on alert. Captain Rex is actually in counter terrorism working for Romantek. It becomes a battle of who is part of the terrorism, and for Rex, is Charlotte involved. Rex ends up spanking Charlotte multiple times in the story, both unconsensually and consensually. The sex in the story is tame.

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