PK Corey Cassie on the Move: Cassie's Space, Book 3
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Cassie's on the move and loving life. Through paint ball game in the woods and water park adventure she's gets to know her new neighbors as the new house is renovated.

Cassie is traveling too, from trips with just the girls, to conventions, vacations, and cruises with Tom and friends, she's always ready for the next adventure. But when Cassie begins having dizzy spells Tom thinks a slower pace is in order. Getting Cassie to slow down and take care of herself proves to be quite a challenge. A challenge Tom is more than determined to take on.

PK Corey

Cassie on the Move: Cassie's Space, Book 3

Published by: Lazy Day

Copyright 2014 Lazy Day, LLC and PK Corey
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Number of Chapters: 36 Chapters / 41,000 Words -




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A reader:

I have purchased all 3 of the Cassie books from Amazon UK and have found them so enjoyable. I have no idea if the author is in a domestic discipline relationship but the books come across as very authentic. Cassie is a wonderful character- funny,feisty and instantly likeable. There are many laugh out loud moments in all 3 books. I hope Cassie continues to get in trouble for many more books&newline&

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A reader:

The third instalment of PK Corey\'s \"Cassie\" series... Definitely a fun read... I really enjoyed Cassie\'s actions even if I did feel a tykes that she was definitely a brat, even at the age of sixty. Ms. Corey shows us, the reader, that one can definitely never be to old to have loads of gun, even if our body complains about it later on!! I hope PK Corey comes out with some more \"Cassie\" books. I encourage others to take time and read this really cute and fun book...

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A reader:

Cassie has always known her husband, Tom will “wear her out” if she doesn’t abide by his rules or puts herself in danger. Now that he is retired he is able to keep a closer eye on her. However she still has an uncanny ability to find herself in trouble and over Tom’s lap. Tom and Cassie are a dynamic couple yet they are a perfect match for each other. Their love for each other is evident even if they drive each other crazy. Another great book by PK Corey.

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A reader:

Cassie and Tom have been married for over 30 years. He is her second husband, her first was much older and died of a heart attack when she was only 25 years old. They are in their 60s and have a domestic discipline marriage. These stories are the antics of Cassie, who acts more like a petulant child than an adult most of the time. Tom is very controlling and it seems as if Cassie goes out of her way to do things or make excuses knowing she will be in trouble. Tom is semi-retired and they travel and live a very luxurious lifestyle. This story has lots of spankings for which Cassie seems to easily earn. There is no sex scenes in this book.

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