Mark S. R. Sterling Case of the Triple Dick: Betty & the Detective, Book One
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Dick is a divorced homicide detective workaholic who becomes infatuated with the hostess at an exclusive Spanking Club where a new member has been murdered. The hostess, Betty, is a very troubled young woman. As their lives intertwine, Dick also realizes he has become obsessed with Betty , which now requires that the trail to the killer must exonerate her as well as solve the mystery of the murder. The route he takes to meet his sexual needs, and ultimately hers, combines his world of mobsters and murder with her world of sex parties and mental instability.

Mark S. R. Sterling

Case of the Triple Dick: Betty & the Detective, Book One

Published by: Blushing Press

©2013 by Blushing Books® and Mark S. R. Sterling
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A pink bottom is only the beginning.

Number of Chapters: 8 chapters, 31,000 words -




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A reader:

This is my first time reading a mystery erotic romance and also reading from Mark S.R. Sterling. I highly enjoyed all the twists and turns that Betty and The Detective provide.&newline&&newline&Dick is hard working divorced detective. He meets Betty at a spanking club where one of their members has been murdered. Maintaining focus on the case and finding out all the facts proves easier said than done. He finds himself for the first time in a long time obsessing over someone.&newline&&newline&Betty has a troubled past and it remains vague except for snippets here and there. I thoroughly enjoyed watching their stories intertwine as they find each other.&newline&&newline&Betty and The Detective will prove to be an enjoyable read for anyone that enjoys a good mystery with a few spankings involved. It is fast paced and an intense story line sure to keep you on your toes! I look forward to reading more from this series and the author.

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A reader:

CASE OF THE TRIPLE DICK (Betty & The Detective) Book 1, by Mark S. R. Sterling&newline&&newline&The story revolves around a murder-mystery and a spanking club. Days after a new couple experiment at the spanking club, the husband is found shot to death at a local motel. It becomes a who-did-it and why story. The book is laid out in multiple time lines and jumps back and forth with the dates, but the story flows smoothly.&newline&&newline&The spanking club is private, where a group of people who only ever go by first names, get together for the enjoyment of spanking, which mostly consist of men spanking women. Everything is consensual and their is no sex involved at the club. &newline&&newline&If you enjoy a Who-done-it mystery and spanking too, this is a fun read. Story is 55-60 pgs.&newline&&newline&*I received an ARC of this book for an honest review*

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