Carolyn Faulkner & Alta Hensley Captured by Time
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Alta Hensley and Carolyn Faulkner join forces for the first time to weave this erotic time travel romance that will have readers fantasizing about being captured in time... and captured by love.

Cimmy Monroe has a fascination with the Old West that borders on obsession. She's seen every Western ever made - and those with spankings in them more times than she could count. When she visits a ghost town in Arizona that has been turned into a living exhibit, she is in heaven.

But she doesn't stay there long; awakening one morning to find a man in her room who seems to think it is the nineteenth century, that she is a lady of the evening, and who, she discovers quickly as bullets fly past her head, is a disgraced Texas Ranger who is on the run from the law himself.

It doesn't take long for Cimmy to discover that she isn't dreaming, she hasn't lost her mind, but that she has indeed traveled back in time... to the year 1880, to be exact.

There is something about this odd woman that tickles Jude Buchanan's mind. She isn't like anyone he has ever met before, and although he found her asleep in the bed of a known prostitute, in the middle of a brothel, he knew from the get- go that she was special. And he immediately wants more, wanting to lay claim to her as his own, to bring her to those dizzying heights of lust and submission again and again, and to show her who is in charge when she needs it. Which, with such a stubborn wench, seems to be multiple times a day.

With one being captured in time, can they both be captured in love?

Carolyn Faulkner & Alta Hensley

Captured by Time

Published by: Blushing Press

©2015 by Blushing Books® and Alta Hensley & Carolyn Faulkner
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A reader:

A great little time travel tale here!! I just loved the set up to this one! How Cimmy is given a trip to an old time ghost town, and awakes in that era...with a man in her bed!!! It goes on just as it starts, by keeping you turning the pages! A very fun, hot and sexy trip back in time!!

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A reader:

This duo of fantastic authors have created a book that makes you want to do a bit of time traveling yourself. I mean, who doesn\'t wish to awaken to see an incredibly handsome, alpha cowboy looming above her? Only problem is, it was too short as I never wanted it to end. Don\'t miss this if you like hot, steamy, sexy and sassy westerns.

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A reader:

I loved this book!! Two of my favorite authors together with one book, woo hoo!! A fantastic story with a time travel element that was unique. Cimmy is feisty and full of sass with a love of the old west and a desire to live in that time, I can so relate, and she gets her wish with an extra special surprise. Jude, oh my goodness, he is pure old western cowboy dominate and smoking hot! Together their chemistry is off the chain and their story will keep you turning the pages until the end! Nicely done!!

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A reader:

&newline&&newline&A wonderful delightful story by Breanna Hayse and Alta Hensley. A terrific time travel book with many twists and turns and time spent in the 1870\'s with lots of spanking,Najaf, elements of BDSM and love.

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