Carol Storm Burning Innocence: The Charity Chronicles, Book One
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Backpacking through the UK, cheeky American runaway Charity Hill is thrilled to find a new home with Lady Edith Edgewell-Beddington. But gentle Lady Beddington has a nephew, dark-eyed and seductive Harry. The bad-boy billionaire is determined to make Charity a lady his way -- even if it means a dose of old-fashioned British discipline along the way!

Carol Storm

Burning Innocence: The Charity Chronicles, Book One

Published by: Blushing Press

©2015 by Blushing Books® and Carol Storm
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Number of Chapters: Eighteen - Word Count: 32400




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A reader:

I enjoyed every aspect of this book. Charity is an impulsive young American girl trying to fit in to English high society. This includes a well-respected, rich, motherly mentor, her self-serving unscrupulous rival, and her authoritarian head of household nephew with a mysterious history of relationships. Charity finds herself a pawn in an unfamiliar game of intrigue, money, and fight for control, and I love the way she handles herself. Of course, her romance with the handsome nephew and her inner emotional conflict are the underlying theme throughout. The author added just the right amount of mystery to keep me hooked and I read the book in one sitting. I do agree with the reviewers who said the book could have been longer.

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A reader:

At first I didn\'t think I would enjoy this book but to my surprise I really did. The characters were well defined and had you understand where they were coming from. The only thing I wasn\'t crazy about was how Charity acted so young sometimes but then it would change so it was all good. I\'m definitely going to read this author again.

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A reader:

3 ½ - 4 stars&newline&I really got into this story. It was a cheeky British spanking and love story.&newline&The spankings were light by hand. What I didn’t like was the way the story&newline&Just kind of ended. It didn’t seem like it was complete. It just ended. There was so much more to be said and ends tied up. It ended on a philosophical note, but again I would have been happy for more. It was still a good read. Just short.&newline&

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A reader:

This was kinda cute it has potential. But it felt like I walked in to a movie late and missed 20 minutes. Also it felt unfinished. I also feel like Harry and Charity\'s relationship started a bit faster than it should. I was also confused a time or two.

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