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Seeking to rid herself of lingering feelings for her ex and broaden her sexual horizons, Bianka decides to embark on a series of one-night stands. But when a condom breaks, everything changes.

The condom belongs to Pista, a hot, handsome bartender. He always wanted to have kids one day, though he was not actively seeking for their mother quite yet. When he finds out the woman from a one-night stand is pregnant, he feels that it's time to decide what to do. Walk away? Or make her his own?

But just convincing Bianka that he is willing and able to take her as his girl comes with a unique set of challenges. They have different relationship paradigms, for one thing, and for another, Bianka's trust level of men - any man - is at an all time low.

At least they do have some things in common; they both feel very intensely about spanking and sex, and both have at least a passing acquaintanceship with the practices, as well as the pitfalls, of the BDSM world.

Can this traditional young man from a traditional Hungarian family possibly take charge of a highly emotional young woman who is confused and unsure of herself due to an unexpected pregnancy, and make a successful life with her? Come along with Cerise Noble while she tells you what happens to Bianka's Baby.

Cerise Noble

Bianka's Baby

Published by: Blushing Press

©2015 by Blushing Books® and Cerise Noble
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A reader:

What a great story!!! I loved this&semi& it was an enlightening, sexy, sweet and captivating read! I am always happy when they are long enough to really tell the story!! You have characters with real life issues and they work to figure them out. Instead of giving anything away, this was just extremely well written and so very much worth the read! LOVED it!

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A reader:

I love this book, it has a lot of growth after a very abusive Dom hurts Bianka. She waits six months, then decides to start some one night stands every Friday night. Whoops the condom breaks and over two months later she is preggers. The rest of the story is very good and has some hot scenes. Bianca finds a real man who helps her work through her insecurities and regain self respect with a true man. The plot is well played and there is just enough of everything.

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A reader:

Bianka finds out how good a relationship can be when you\'re with the right man. He is supportive and loving, he guides her, looks after her, helps her reach her full potential. The relationship slowly develops over a year including the arrival of their baby. Good story, well-written and well paced.

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A reader:

I thought that this book would be like \'Sixteen and pregnant\' on television. How wrong I was! This is a well written very adult book. Bianka is a very hurt very lost woman. Pista is a very strong, upright and loving man. They meet for a one night stand and Bianka gets pregnant when the condom bursts. Pista steps up to support her and they fall in love. Pista shows Bianka how a good dominant treats his submissive. There are a lot of spankings sex and menage scenes. They are well described and very detailed. They fit well into the story. The characters are well described. The journey from accidental pregnancy to love and submission is well told. I highly recommend this story. A very good read.

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