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Cat and Mouse

Dominatrix Nina Lockwood makes a comfortable living from well-connected clients who seek her out for her expert brand of disciplinary persuasion. She's left behind an humble and troubled past to settle in London, and her dominance helps her feel in control of those around her.

But that all changes the day she meets Detective Ian Fleming. He's been tasked with investigating the disappearance of a socialite last known to be in the company of a secretive society known as The Victorian Underground. Scotland Yard wants Nina to work with Detective Fleming, because she knows the scene. But they want her to go undercover as his submissive.

But Nina is no submissive. Or is she? Scotland Yard won't take no for an answer, and neither will the darkly handsome detective determined to break the case, even if he has to break Nina in the process.

Publisher's note: This is a very graphic story with both F/F and M/F BDSM scenes. Fiona Wilde fans be warned! This is a Fiona you haven't seen before.

Bound to Him

Lucy spends her days at work and her nights going from one anonymous encounter to another. She never tells anyone her real name, and try as she might, she cannot seem to sate the need that plagues her.

One Monday evening, however, she opens the door of yet another hotel room to find a man who takes her completely by surprise.

Jonathan was professional, handsome, confident, and the last type of man she would have expected to be reading profiles on a dating site. He also was the first man who had knocked on a door who did not sleep with her.

He didn't want an anonymous hookup; he wanted to know more about her.

At the end of the strange encounter he presents her with his card and a dinner invitation he knows she will accept. And then, after dinner, he presents her with something else to consider: a week with him, training as a submissive.

For seven days she spends all of her time with Jonathan, discovering things about herself and her desires that she never knew existed, and she begins to see that this is the life she wants. And she wants it with Jonathan, even if it means she must abide by his one boundary: she cannot fall in love with him.

Note: "Bound to Him" was originally released as "Freeing Lucy."

Rosaline and the Marquis

Publisher's Note: "Rosaline and the Marquis" is a retitled version of "Kiss of the Marquis" by PJ Perryman. This new version has a new title and a new cover, but is otherwise unchanged from the original. Customers who desire the update cover may download this new version from their online libraries.

When four sexually adventurous college students use a dusty occult tome to resurrect the Marquis deSade, they get more than they bargain for. The students had only wanted to draw on the famous sadist's experience to enhance their erotic education, but soon they find themselves under the sway of a charismatic figure as powerful in death as he ever was in life.

Rosaline meant no harm when she stole the book from her mother - a practicing witch - to call up the Marquis from beyond the grave. But the decision unearths some disturbing family secrets, and soon the race is on to save Rosaline from the "Kiss of the Marquis" which could bind her to deSade forever.

WARNING: "The Kiss of the Marquis" is an erotic romp featuring lots of sex and some mild BDSM elements. The book also has strong magical themes. This book is intended for adults over 18 only.

Assorted Authors

Beyond Boundaries

Published by: Blushing Press

©2013 by Blushing Books® and Fiona Wilde, Sharron Kelley, and P. J. Perryman
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Number of Chapters: 21 chapters, 103,000 words -




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A reader:

\"\\\"\"This is a very good boxed set offering three different stories. In Cat and Mouse, the author has set up a great plot that captured my attention and kept it throughout entire story. The characters were well developed and interesting. In Bound To Him I found the story to be very Hot! I really enjoyed the entire book as well as the sequel I read later called Bound To Fall. The characters truly care for each other and the entire book speaks of the fact that it doesn\\\'t matter how old you are - you deserve to be admired, loved and, very much desired. I rate this one a 5! If you enjoy more intense scenes, you will love this one. The last story is Rosaline and the Marquis and tells how 4 young women foolishly use dark magic to return the Marquis de Sade back to life. If you like fantasy and don\\\'t mind plot that is a little out there you should enjoy the story. \\\"\"\"

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A reader:

\"\\\"\"Cat and Mouse This is a well written story. Nina works as a Domme. She has many famous and politically connected clients, people who come to her to be dominated. It is purely a disciplinary relationship with her clients. One day, she has an appointment with a new client. He has been recommended by a client that she trusts. Unfortunately, she shouldn’t have trusted him. She thought her new client was Jackson Powell, but he really is a detective with Scotland Yard named Ian Flint. He is a dominant who needs a submissive to go undercover. Nina is blackmailed into agreeing. She does not want to be submissive to him. Their relationship is non-consensual. But, there is a happy ending.&newline&Bound to Him We start this story with a woman entering a seedy hotel and getting a room. She sends a text, “Room 123. Five minutes. Knock seven times.” Then she strips the comforter off the bed and sprays air freshener. She goes to the bathroom to change clothes and put on more makeup. Then she hears the knocks and goes to answer the door. At this point, I was wondering where on earth this story was going. Prostitutes meeting johns in hotels? Wow. But, then the story continues. The woman tries to entice him to have sex, removing her blouse and bra. But he refuses and says, Please do not be offended. I do very much want to **** you. But that will not happen today. Today I have some things to say. Again, Wow, where is this story going? We finally come to learn that the woman’s real name is Carol and she wants to feel. She feels dead inside. Jonathan proves to her that that isn’t the case by making her orgasm. He asks her to meet him for dinner in a few days and that he will explain everything then. Again, Wow, what a start to a story! I loved it! Eventually, we learn that he is a dominant and that he would like to train her as his submissive. Carol is taken aback by this, but eventually, agrees. He talks her into taking a week’s vacation and staying with him to train as his submissive. They spend the week together and they come to care for one another. &newline&I really liked this story. It is very different from most spanking or D/s stories. Yes, there is discipline and obedience, but it is done in a way that respects her as an intelligent woman.&newline&Rosaline and the Marquis This is a strange story. A group of bored college students summon the spirit of the Marquis de Sade. Rosalie, one of the students, “borrows” a book from her mother. It is The Witches Book of the Dead. In it are various spells and Peter, another student, uses the one that will bring a spirit back. Of course they think it is bogus, but once everyone leaves, the Marquis shows up and talks with Peter. The rest of the story details how and when they call the Marquis. Everyone has a different experience with him. This is definitely a different kind of book. There is BDSM in this story as opposed to just spanking. &newline&\\\"\"\"

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A reader:

Bound to Him - This book doesn\\\'t have a lot of spanking, but it does have a lot of sex! Personally, I thought the relationship seemed a bit rushed, but I like watching it take shape non the less. Lots of BDSM action.&newline&&newline&Cat and Mouse - When I first picked this up I wondered what I\\\'d gotten into. The first scene is two women and I\\\'m not a big fan of fem dom\\\'s, but I stuck with it. In the next chapters a mystery evolves and you\\\'re sucked into a darker BDSM tale. I liked the interaction between the two main characters and found their interactions entertaining.&newline&&newline&Rosaline and the Marquis - This book had some good sex scenes, but lacked substance to me. While I appreciated the darker elements and bits of magic, there was so much sex that there was very little room for a decent plot. I couldn\\\'t really bring myself to care much about the ending.

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A reader:

\"\\\"\"I am usually not especially thrilled with boxed sets, but this one surprised me. The first story, Cat and Mouse was a great little murder/mystery story. Our main character, Nina, is blackmailed to help out Detective Ian break up a secret society where a murder has occurred. It has spanking and lots of BDSM fun throughout! I really enjoyed it!! The second story, Bound to Him was also a really good read!! It was definitely a BDSM book! But, WOW was it a good one! The main character, whose name is really Carol, has been through something terrible and feels dead inside. Well, the hero in our story knows just how to show her that she is still alive and kicking!! A very enjoyable story with spanking, and lots of BDSM scenes! The third one, Rosaline and the Marquis, was also a great book! (They were all very different stories, too.) This one centered around a group of college kids that were interested in magic. They stole a book of spells and proceeded to call forth a spirit from the past! This leads to lots of sex, and spankings and even more sex! A fun-filled, fast-paced thriller of sorts!! I would definitely recommend this boxed set!!&newline&&newline&\\\"\"\"

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