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This is the city.

Murder and violence is all in a day's work for Lieutenant Vincent Girardi, but there is something about this murder that doesn't add up. When a piece of paper with an address written on it is found at the crime scene, Vince believes that perhaps this victim wasn't the intended target.

Dr. Rowan Delaney is biding her time. In less than a week she will give testimony that will rid her of a painful past once and for all, and grant her and her two children the freedom she has been seeking for years. When Lieutenant Vincent Girardi and his partner show up at her door to question her about the murdered woman across the street, and then suggest that she may have been the intended target, she refuses all help or protection, intending to fulfill her obligation in front of the Grand Jury without interference from anyone - including the handsome cop darkening her doorstep.

But the Lieutenant has other plans. He is convinced the pretty doctor was the intended victim, and he is determined to find out why, starting with Rowan's absentee husband, head of a notorious drug cartel. Vince is determined to see the woman and her children safe; Rowan is determined to start her life over - after her testimony.

Can Vince protect her without his feelings for her getting in the way? And can Rowan accept his care, along with a heavy dose of hubris and alpha dominance, without losing herself in the process?

And will their growing love be enough to save them from the evil that will refuses take no for an answer?

Jade Cary

Bella Rosa

Published by: Lazy Day

Copyright © 2013 Jade Cary
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Number of Chapters: 35 chapters, 97,000 words -




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A reader:

Read this book a while back (before it got on here). Very exciting book with lots of action. Loved the story line and the length was great!

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A reader:

Jade Cary did a fabulous job on this book. Lots of suspense and adventure involved. The characters of Rowan and Vincent are so well developed I felt as if they were my neighbors. The plot flows so nicely I felt as if I was living in it. Rowan has survived a dangerous first husband and marriage and is doing what she must to move on with her life. Little does she know that her she is still in danger. Vincent is a detective investigating the murder of her neighbor. He is able to connect the dots and decides he will be the one to protect Rowan and her family. Love begins to blossom but adventure leads them on a windy road. I definite must read!

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A reader:

\"Um did write a review so hope it is not duplicated...feeling good because have access to computer ..sharing with kid at moment...took a long time to read this one due to access...very well written..great alpha male character strong female lead ..did feel it jumped towards the end to \\\"\"fifty shades character in few chapters\\\"\" but well written...worth the read.!\"

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A reader:

I have read all of Jade Carey\\\'s books and this is one of her best! The characters of Vincent and Rowen are so well developed that you actually feel a part of their lives. Rowen is proud, intelligent, and very self sufficient and doesn\\\'t need anyone telling her what to do. She\\\'s lived through being married to a very dangerous man and she learned the hard way how to suffer her emotions. Vincent is a cop through and through. He\\\'s tough, decisive and knows how to get what he wants and in this case it\\\'s to keep Rowan and her children alive and well. This was a real pleasure to read and I can\\\'t say enough about the author\\\'s ability to make you feel for her characters. She is a gifted writer and has just the right blend of humor, mystery, danger and very steamy sex. I would give this one more than a 5 star if I could.

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