Elsa Black Becoming Lil' Mandy: Eden Series, Book One
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"My desire to dominate isn't unlike your desire to submit. But my desire to dominate is stronger than what most partners are willing to allow. I'm one of those rare men who want to not just correct and train, but to coddle, guide and control. I require a deep submission - the ultimate submission. I desire a woman who can fall back into that purest trusting state, that age of perfect innocence when her Papa was her whole wide world. I want a woman whose dependence is total - from the time I wake her up to the time I put her to bed. That level of care? That, sweet Mandy, is my calling. And for all my wealth - and it is substantial - I will not feel truly rich until I find the woman strong enough to put herself in my care."

Amanda Wingate is the failed product of what should have been a charmed life. Adopted into a family of wealth where she wasn't truly wanted, her desire for paternal acceptance made her prey to a dominant man whose betrayal landed her in prison.

When she is selected for a program designed to reform non-violent prisoners, she has no idea that the backers are actually a group of powerful men who select women for clients looking for Little Ones to train and claim as their own.

Ethan Sharp has everything - looks, wealth and a successful business. What he lacks is the connection he has given up finding among women in his social circle. When he is directed to the Eden Institute, he believes he has found the answer.

But will his pairing with the emotionally vulnerable Amanda Wingate be successful? Ethan is eager to earn her ultimate submission. And with the help of a stern nanny, he begins the loving and sensual task of transforming Amanda into Mandy through equal measures of spankings and sexual submission, which includes making her submit parts of herself she never thought possible. Can her journey into deep submission heal Amanda's heart and give her the security that's eluded her all her life?

"Becoming Lil' Mandy" is a story told against the backdrop of the Eden Institute, which features interplay with other couples in a lifestyle that's become a source of literary fascination for thousands of readers who enjoy tales of intense submission.

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Elsa Black

Becoming Lil' Mandy: Eden Series, Book One

Published by: Blushing Press

©2015 by Blushing Books® and Elsa Black
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A reader:

Where do I even begin this review? I\'ll start off by saying that Elsa Black is a new author to me. I am familar with the age play genre and have read many before but Becoming Lil\' Mandy is completely set apart from the Ageplay Genre in the best way.&newline&&newline&Amanda Wingate has taken the fall for her Dom. She went from charmed rich girl to lonely prison girl. She has accepted herself in jail and doesn\'t expect to see the outside of the prison for quite some time. When she is approached for a second chance she wonders if she can fit back into society and be reformed.&newline&&newline&Ethan Sharp is your typical wealthy bachelor with a unique desire. He has finally found a place where his desire to have a Little is acceptable. When he chooses Amanda all he has is a picture and her history. Knowing where she came from fuels his desire to show how just how much she deserves to be loved.&newline&&newline&Becoming Lil\' Mandy caught my interest because I have never seen age play shown in such a different light. This isn\'t your typical Daddy/little story. This is a story about healing and regaining life. A story about second chances and it shows that not every man in the lifestyle is the best. I loved this story because we saw a broken spirit grow and find her true self. Not only was there kinky sex but there was a deeper story of healing within the pages. Elsa Black has gained a forever fan and I can\'t wait to read more of her work.

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A reader:

I personally loved Mandy being stuck in a situation where she needed to be a little. I like non-consensual situations and this was one of the reasons I chose to read this book. The sex was completely consensual. I know that people had issues with the fact that something extra was added to the baby bottle. It was never made very clear what that was. Some have assumed it was an aphrodisiac, but what the story has told was that it was an element to help lower inhibition. Now there are a lot of drugs out there that lower inhibition so to assume it was an aphrodisiac was a little stretch. Also, it was stated that the little \"extra\" something was only given in the beginning to help her adjust to her new role as a Little and that later on they completely got rid of it and she was acting on her own accord without the help of any chemicals!

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A reader:

First of all, this is most definitely age-play. If you don’t like that, don’t read this story. Second, this starts out non-consensual, if that bothers you, don’t read the story. Ok, warnings done, let’s talk about the story. Amanda is in prison after being framed by a man that she thought cared for her. But, he was using her. The Eden Institute is a group of men who look for non-violent, submissive women, and sometimes men, in prisons. They are taken from prison and brought to the Eden Institute to serve out a shortened sentence as a little for a Mommy or Daddy. They do sign a paper giving permission, but they are told nothing about the situation in which they are going to live. They don’t know they are going to be a little. Amanda signs the paper and then is told what is going to happen. At that point, she wants to leave, but is not allowed. Ethan chose Amanda from a lot of different girls as his little. He is stern, but not abusive. He tells her their relationship won’t be sexual unless she wants it, but then they feed her an aphrodisiac in her night time bottle. I had a hard time with that. Yes, Amanda already had these tendencies, but they pushed it with those bottles. Anyways, Ethan and Mandy’s relationship does progress and she eventually becomes his little girl. The journey is very entertaining to read and I give this story 4 stars.

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A reader:

A well written, page turning Age-play story with intriguing concept for nonviolent inmates to have a second chance at freedom and their record to be expunged. When offered a way out of prison and life at Eden Institute, they are not told in advance as to what type of lifestyle they will be leading. Sign your consent or return to prison. Serve two to five years at the Eden Institute in comfort.&newline&Ethan Sharp is a self made man of means and wealth. Money and things are no object, but what he doesn\'t have and wants is his own special woman, but not just any woman, he seeks one to be his Little girl and allow him to be her Papa. The Eden Institute helps find inmates (both male and female) for their wealthy clientele, allowing Bigs to selection Littles from a catalog. Amanda Wingate was given up for adoption at birth, adopted by the wealthy Wingates but never really given real love, used by Dr. David Best and then wrongly accused and imprisoned. Can she regress back to younger days and become Little Mandy and learn to trust Ethan as her Papa and find true happiness.

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