Shelly Douglas Barely Survived
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Five years after a boat explosion that injured her brother-in-law, Daniel, and took the lives of her husband, Joey, and sister-in-law, Christina, Jackie Bonerati is summoned back to Hilton Head, South Carolina, for questioning by the police. What was once determined to be an accident has now become a full-blown murder investigation, and the newly hired detective is leaving no stone unturned.

With the cold case heating up, Jackie moves into her brother-in-law's home and their twenty-five- year-old friendship develops into a loving, steamy romance. Jackie quickly discovers that the domestic discipline/age-play relationship she enjoyed with her late husband is a lifestyle that Daniel has always had an interest in. Naturally, he is delighted to protect and care for her in all the ways she was accustomed.

Daniel Bonerati is a handsome, intelligent, no- nonsense man and makes it clear to Jackie that he will redden her backside if she attempts to disobey him or put herself in danger. Our cheeky heroine, together with her new leading man, is extremely anxious to see this case solved, but has a hard time being compliant. After all, it's been five years since she's had to stand in the corner with her bare bottom exposed. Can Jackie and Daniel's new relationship survive the stress of a murder investigation and the possibility of lighting striking twice?

This romantic suspense novella contains highly charged erotic material, the consensual spanking of an adult woman, anal play, voyeurism, age play scenes and more.

Shelly Douglas

Barely Survived

Published by: Blushing Press

©2015 by Blushing Books® and Shelly Douglas
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A reader:

Let me begin by saying that I know the usual formula for a murder mystery, I have watched my far share of datelines and 48 hour mysteries and some of my favorite novels are of the mystery genre. So when Shelly Douglas released Barely Survived I couldn\'t wait to read it! It was my first DD mystery and I read it every chance I had, so sadly it left me wishing it was longer. The relationship between Jackie and Daniel had such a natural flow that really captured my attention. The scenes between them were fresh and exciting and I loved the balancing that was generated when the authors cut to the unknown sinister characters, for me that made the story. I really look forward to another in the mystery genre and as always Shelly Douglas doesn\'t disappoint!!

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A reader:

This is a great story well written Plot with action romance suspense and a little spice It is a must read

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A reader:

This highly charged erotic story kept me on the edge of my seat, I was so captivated with the plot and characters. It was a combination of Murder She Wrote and Colombo trying to find out who caused the explosion on the yacht five years prior, that killed Joey Bonerati, his sister-in-law, Christina and left Daniel Bonerati injured. When a new detective, Mike Andrews, retired from the Coast Guard, was placed on the case, Jackie Bonerati was summoned back to Hilton Head, SC. Det. Andrews has reopened this five-year-old mystery of the boat explosion where two people died. but their bodies were never recovered. &newline&This story is extremely well written, with interesting characters, lots of mysteries that kept the story in suspense, but cloaked in a way you suspected certain people, but still had some doubts. The twenty-five-year friendship of brother-in-law, Daniel, and sister-in-law, Jackie, was always a strong bond. With her return to Hilton Head, it escalates into a romantic relationship easily. Danny suspected that his brother and sister-in-law had a domestic discipline relationship and when confronting Jackie, it is acknowledged, and he tells her, his house, his rules. Not only does this relationship have DD but age-play elements. The sex scenes are explicit, hot, and detailed. &newline&Although this book is not portrayed as a series, there are enough elements to allow that to happen, especially with the mystery man that Jackie keeps seeing off in a distance watching her.

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A reader:

Wow! This book was a page-turner. I couldn\'t put it down! I kept wondering who the murderer was and trying to read just a few pages more before falling asleep at night. With some books it takes a great deal of time to become invested in the characters and understand the basic surroundings. This is not one of those books. I saw the potential of the characters and became acclimated to the surroundings almost immediately. Jackie’s husband dies in a boating accident in Hilton Head – that maybe wasn\'t accidental. Daniel – Jackie’s brother in-law, lost his wife in the same boating accident that killed Jackie’s husband. Now that a new investigator is taking a fresh look at the case, Jackie is expected to travel back to Hilton Head for another round of questioning. Daniel, who is living in a big empty house, is happy to welcome her back. Now a flame is starting to ignite between Jackie and Daniel. She undoubtedly misses her husband but he has been gone for 5 years and she needs to find new happiness. But will Jackie and Daniel survive the investigation? I would classify this book as a mystery with a strong domestic discipline twist and minor hints of age-play.

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