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Welcome to Afterworld, the post-apocalyptic world where the days of old have been reborn. Women are scarce and in the Kingdom of the Southern Realm, King Silas has vowed to protect the females under his watch. The kingdom rules for women are strict but fair, and when broken warrant swift, thorough spankings sometimes delivered in the Hall of Correction. Because of this, the beautiful women within the borders of the Southern Realm have a wide-ranging reputation for their beauty and compliance.

But the Southern Realm is under almost constant attack by the Outsiders, and when the Queen and Princess decide to join the fight and are punished for putting themselves in harm's way, Princess Raven decides she has had enough and wonders whether the tales she's heard about the Outsiders are true. In a bold move, she makes a bid to find out the truth. Will she discover a world she'd find superior, where women have more rights? Or will she discover truths that lead her to appreciate the limits imposed by the kingdom she fled.

Mona Whitlock


Published by: Blushing Press

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Number of Chapters: 5 Chapters / 16, 825 words -




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A reader:

This is a really good fantasy book and has a unique plot and interesting characters that make you want to keep reading. My only complaint is that is was on the short side and I wish there had been more to it but otherwise it was a very good story.

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A reader:

This is a good story. The beginning laid a nice plot with great character descriptions and attention to detail. As the middle of the story progresses all the good things from the beginning fly out the window as it goes faster and faster. I felt like I was in a race to get to the end instead of enjoying the ride in between. Despite its pace I did enjoy this story and would recommend it to a friend.

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A reader:

This was a great book with a unique plot. The characters are interesting but the book is a little short.

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A reader:

I liked the story line but felt there could have been so much more. Five chapters isn\\\'t enough to explore this great fantasy world Mona created. I would have liked to have more details instead of feeling like the story was rushed. I would still recommend it as a pretty good read, though.

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