Victoria Winters A Natural Born Submissive
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As a successful television producer, 45-year-old divorcee Alice Chappelle should be enjoying life. But when her twin daughters leave for college, she finds staring at an empty nest too painful. Returning to her childhood home to live with her mother seems like a good idea until the move makes her realize how sheltered her adult life has been.

Alice is ready for something new, but gets more than she bargains for when she decides to tape a feature on "The Beaten Path", a BDSM club. She tells herself it's for professional reasons, but after meeting the handsome club owner and professional Dom, Victor, Alice realizes his dark and dangerous world has called to her for years. As she navigates the world of dominance and submission with the man of her dreams, Alice must do so while enduring a sweet but meddling mother, protective best friend and an ex-husband who still harbors hopes of a reunion.

"A Natural Born Submissive" is a tender, funny book that explores the challenges of mid-life sexuality, societal expectations, and finding balance in relationships both old and new. If you're new to the concept of BDSM, this sweet story may serve as the perfect gateway to the edgy genre you've been wondering about.

Victoria Winters

A Natural Born Submissive

Published by: Blushing Press

©2014 by Blushing Books® and Victoria Winters
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A reader:

This was a thoroughly entertaining book. It’s about Alice a middle age divorcee who rediscovers herself through the generous help of a BDSM club owner Victor who is familiar with love and loss. Together Victor teaches Alice it’s ok to love and trust again. This was worth the read.

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A reader:

Alice is a TV producer who has empty nest syndrome, her kids are in college and she is recovering from a divorce from her cheating ex husband. She does a TV show about a local BDSM club and meets a handsome Dom. I liked the fact that the characters were middled aged. This had some mild BDSM and erotic sex and was a sweet, romantic story.

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A reader:

Alice Chappelle is a 45 year old successful television producer that is now divorced and back living with her mother, letting her cheating ex have their home. They had twin daughters who are now in college. In many ways, Alice is a doormat for her ex-husband who has used her. Her mother doesn\'t seem to help by allow him to come over all the time and eat. It is almost like she is pushing them to get back together. For the sake of their children, she has not shared that he was a cheater.&newline&Alice is seeking out new stories for the show and decides to do a feature on The Beaten Path, a BDSM club in the area. Not only does the segment work out well with their viewers but she and the club owner, Dom Victor feel a connection. The story covers the submissive side of Alice as she explores a relationship with the dominant Victor. Both Alice and Victor are middle aged adults, where he takes her on a new journey in her life. The story has D/s, BDSM, spanking elements with detailed sex scenes.

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A reader:

Alice is the producer of a local television story. She is at the BDSM club. She meets Victor, who owns the club. Alice is intrigued by BDSM but she has not taken any steps towards the lifestyle. But, she has decided to feature the club on her show. Alice is a recent divorcee. Her husband had been cheating on her and, when she found out, she filed for divorce. Her husband wants to get back together with her. Victor is intrigued by Alice and invites her to play with him. I liked this story, but this story has left a lot of unanswered questions. I hope there is a sequel so we can find out….the rest of the story. I give this story 4 stars.&newline&

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