Rebecca Jacobs A Man of Dreams, A Woman of Passion


 To his parents’ dismay, Jacob Willis wants to leave New York and travel to the Ohio Territory and make his way in the world. He wishes to follow his dream, just as his Grandfather did when he came to the New World and settled. Jacob’s dream is too strong to ignore. Caroline Hershey is devastated when she learns that her secret love is planning to travel so far and she might never see him again! She is positive her early childhood crush has grown into a love that borders on passion for the handsome man, and she cannot bear the thought of losing him! But, she isn’t one bit happy when Jacob confronts her in the smoke house, a stick in his hand.

When she demands to know why, he tells her that people are giving him a hard time over leaving her behind! While Jacob understands why she told the lie, he isn’t about to permit her to get away with it, and she is soon crying over his knee. The very last thing he expects the lovely Caroline to do is to stowaway in his wagon to follow him west!

Rebecca Jacobs

A Man of Dreams, A Woman of Passion

Published by: Blushing Press

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Number of Chapters: 16 chapters / 65,024 words -




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A reader:

This is a very good story about a young man who plans to go west to follow his dreams who never expected the young woman he switched for lying would hide out in his wagon. They definitly have their ups and downs and downs and Carolyn sure does earn motre than her fair share of whippings but overall this was a very good story.

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A reader:

This story is well written and is a good length. The 4 star rating come because for me I felt that at times Jacob who stress being consistent and honest sometimes wasn\\\'t. He could be very harsh and wasn\\\'t always good at listening. I almost gave it a 3 but despite it all you could tell that despite it all Caroline really loved him and he at times showed that he loved her. I thought sometimes the circumstances had already provide some of the punishment and Jacob could have toned it down just a bit.

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A reader:

Very good read! The story flows very well without having loose ends that never get tied up. I would like to read more about Little Fawn.

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A reader:

I read this book once and had forgotten but I could read it over and over again.. Good thing she was a woman of Passion he never would\\\'ve realized she was the woman of his dreams.. Very good book

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