Alice Liddell A Decade of Discipline: A Collection of Spanking Stories
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At long last, best-selling spanking author Alice Liddell has combined her most popular shorter works into a single, value-priced anthology: nine stories totaling almost 40,000 words, chock-full of spankings, spankings and more spankings! From the very first story she wrote, “Contrite Christmas,” to the most unique spanking story ever written, “Number One Spanking for Number Three Wife,” this is Alice Liddell at her best.  "A Decade of Discipline" is extra-long and extremely steamy, with husbands spanking wives, boyfriends spanking girlfriends and bosses spanking employees.  Most of the stories are about men who spank naughty ladies, but in two it’s a woman who deals out the discipline.

A Deadline Missed, A Bottom Spanked: Angela is a great reporter but irresponsible. Frank has the cure for that - she must take off her panties and bend over his knee where he will raise her skirt and spank her bare bottom soundly.

The Consequences of Carelessness: The entire office spent a lot of time and effort on the proposal but Pamela sent it to the wrong place. Her boss took her into the next office, lifted her skirt, pulled down her pantyhose and gave her a severe paddling on the bare – with everyone listening!

The Perils of Porn Peeking: A teenager is paddled by her stepfather over jeans with a hairbrush for breaking house rules. When Mom comes home, the bad girl gets another spanking, this time on her bare bottom.

Contrite Christmas: When Lisa was rude to his family, Robert took her home and delivered her first bare bottom spanking. Then he took her back and made her apologize. Plus, she had to take a punishment enema with everyone watching. You won’t believe Aunt Belle’s ointment!

Number One Spanking for Number Three Wife: A husband in ancient China paddles his young wife for embarrassing him in public. She is humiliated because everyone knows she’s getting a spanking, but afterwards she is rewarded with hot sex (never mind her burning bottom).

The Pilot’s Daughter: A young woman in Holland is excited and confused when she hears her friend being spanked by her husband. Later, she begs her friend to let her see the marks and they end up in secret embrace.

The Infirmary of Straits Academy Addy attends a very strict boarding school, run entirely by women. The school nurse doesn’t like Addy’s attitude, and makes her take a lesson in manners while bent over an examination table. The nurse’s “penetrating” methods are surprising to say the least.

A Gift to Remember: For his birthday his lover promised him a special present, anal sex! With that start, it was easy to find that they both have an interest in spanking.

After-Hours Examination: Dora’s dominant lover takes her to a clinic where a male doctor and female nurse subject her to the most intimate examination imaginable. She’s forced to perform a sex act before being bent for a riding crop.

"A Decade of Discipline" contains nine stories in all  - almost 40,000 words.  It's an extra-long and extremely steamy anthology.   Please note, however, that Alice's writing is known for its severity and non-consensual themes, anal punishments, and occasional age-play elements.  If any of these themes upset you, please do not buy "A Decade of Discipline."

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Alice Liddell

A Decade of Discipline: A Collection of Spanking Stories

Published by: Blushing Press

© Alice Liddell and Blushing Books, 2012-2013
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Nine stories chock-full of spankings, spankings and more spankings!

Number of Chapters: 9 stories / 38,116 words -




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A reader:

The best author by far on schoolgirl discipline and anal assorted punishments. Alice does it better than any other author as far as I am concerned. She paints pictures and details, so complete you can turn a scene into role-play that can and does in our case lead to hot bed romance that pleases our senses..

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A reader:

This is a collection of 9 stories that have spanking but no romance. Each story is well written and good examples of the different types of spanking out there.

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A reader:

This is a great collection of stories that just about everybody can find at least one if not all that they would like. The spankings scenes blended smoothly into each story and all of them were very much deserved.

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A reader:

This is a great mix of stories from the very sweet to darkly erotic. The cover both the light and harsh. Each story brings it\'s own flavor to the mix.

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